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Hard Work has Never Been the Secret to Success

Open your eyes

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As I write this in my bedroom, there are a couple of men working on a neighboring piece of property. I can hear loud bangs. For most of the day, they will be out under the scorching sun.

If anyone works hard, it’s those men. They rarely take a break. They work from sun up to sun down. And I don’t see sophisticated machinery. It is mostly hard labor by hand and muscle.

This is the picture that flashes into my mind whenever I hear the phrase, “hard work”.

It irks me when I see successful people come out to say that the reason they are successful is because of their hard work. What a bunch of nonsense!

There are many people who work way harder than you and never tasted success. The secret is not your hard work.

And this has misled the young generation.

I am sitting in my bedroom typing words on a computer and I will make more money in a day than the guys working hard in the neighborhood will make in a year. Can you see the point I’m driving at?

You are paid according to the gravity of the consequences of your actions. You don’t get paid for how hard you work. You get paid for how big (or important) the decisions you make are.

And to be given such decisions or responsibilities, there must have been something about you. Not that you work hard, but that someone assumed you would be a good fit.

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