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Gaze of the Koala

Journey through ancient forests and the cycle of life

Enthralling Night Forest Scene with Koala: A Masterpiece of Survival and Resilience | Created with Bing AI by Author

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Gum leaves rustle softly under moonlit skies, Where ancient giants whisper secrets of old, A koala beholds the world with wise, sleepy eyes, In a realm where stories of survival boldly unfold.

Beneath a canopy of stars, life’s drama ensues, Predators and prey, in their eternal, intricate dance, Each creature playing its part, none to refuse, In nature’s meticulous, unyielding stance.

A joey takes its first breath, an embrace so tender, As the forest floor nurtures seeds destined to soar, Life thrives amidst challenges, fragile yet splendour, A cycle of growth and loss forevermore.

Seasons shift, painting the forest in hues bright and dull, Fires rage, then rain heals, in a cycle of rebirth, Through the koala’s gaze, we see the world at its full, A testament to resilience and enduring worth.

Ancient spirits roam these woods, guardians of lore, Their presence felt in every breeze, every leaf’s rustle, In the silence, their wisdom speaks, profound and pure, A connection to the past in the present’s hustle.

The struggle for existence, a theme ever so poignant, Life hanging by a thread, yet hope blossoms at dawn, In the koala’s realm, every moment is significant, A testament to endurance as time marches on.

As the sun sets, casting shadows long and deep, The forest hums a lullaby for those who rest, In the arms of ancient trees, secrets to keep, The koala watches over a silent guest.

Through the eyes of a koala, we are taught, About the beauty of life and its ephemeral flight, In a world where survival is dearly bought, We find strength in the quiet of the night.

| C.J. Coop © 2024. All rights reserved. | British writer |

Authors Insights:

Who doesn't love a cute koala? The inspiration for this came from Jessica's Quill, with our love for koalas clinging to trees and each other.

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