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Finding Your Writer’s Voice On Medium

Finding your lane on Medium

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This prose is dedicated to all the serious writers who are still trying to find their lanes on Medium.

In my mind of ink and parchment, where dreams take flight, I embarked on a journey, chasing the muse’s guiding light. A solitary voyager in the vast sea of words, I sought my essence, among the whispers of the birds.

In the beginning, I stumbled, my words a tangled mess, Lost in the cacophony of voices, I yearned to impress. But deep within, a fire burned, a passion uncontained, To find my lane, my voice, where I, as a writer, reigned.

I listened to the poets, their verses like a song, The way they painted emotions, making the words belong. I tasted the prose of novelists, weaving tales so grand, And marveled at the playwrights, who shaped stories like sand.

Amidst the literary crowd, I felt a sense of doubt, Where do I fit in, where is my place? But then one day, beneath the moon’s soft glow, I found a spark within me, a light I now could know.

I looked into the depths of my soul, where secrets lay, Embracing my uniqueness, in my own, distinct way. I discovered that my voice was a melody, pure and clear, A symphony of words, that only I could steer.

I found my lane, not crowded, wide open, In the authenticity of my tales, in the vigor of my youth. I let my pen dance freely, on the canvas of the page, No longer bound by others’ norms, no longer trapped in a cage.

Each word I wrote was a step, a path of my own, A testament to the journey, the seeds of dreams sown. In the tapestry of literature, I found my rightful place, A writer with a purpose, a storyteller with grace.

So, fellow writers, take heed of this tale, Find your lane, let your unique voice set sail. For in the vast expanse of the writer’s domain, Your voice, your story, is bound to leave a lasting stain.

African American writer

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