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Finding Peace in Pending

Every morning, as the sun peeks through my curtains and the world begins to stir, I find solace in a simple yet profound ritual: my prayers. In those moments, I cast away my worries, fears, anxiety, stress, and overthinking, surrendering them to a higher power. For me, it’s a practice of trust, a way to navigate the uncertainties that life often presents.

I’ve come to understand that uncertainty is the breeding ground for overthinking and anxiety. The unknown becomes a playground for my mind to conjure up worst-case scenarios, and worrying becomes second nature. It’s a vicious cycle that I, like many others, find myself trapped in.

The root of these negative emotions often lies in the pending — the looming questions and unanswered prayers. Will I receive a positive performance review at work? What about the pay raise that follows? Will the delivery for my husband’s business ever clear customs? And then there are the more personal worries, like awaiting the results of my mom’s blood work.

It’s easy to get caught up in the what-ifs and the maybes, to let fear take hold and dictate our actions. But I’ve learned that fear, in all its forms, is a trickster. It doesn’t need specifics to wreak havoc; it thrives on uncertainty and doubt.

In the midst of this internal struggle, I’ve come to realize that happiness is a daily choice. It’s not always easy, and some days it feels downright impossible. But I’ve also discovered that the key to finding peace amidst the chaos lies in faith.

Faith is my anchor, my guiding light in the storm. It’s the unwavering belief that I am not alone, that there is a higher power watching over me. And so, every morning, I surrender my fears and worries to God, trusting that He will lead me through whatever challenges lie ahead.

It’s a simple act, but one that carries immense power. It’s a reminder that I am not defined by my circumstances, but by my response to them. And with faith as my compass, I know that I can weather any storm that comes my way.

So, to those who find themselves in the midst of their own spiritual warfare, I offer this advice: don’t leave it up to yourself, for you are powerless on your own. Instead, surrender to a higher power, trusting that you will be guided and protected every step of the way.

As the lyrics of a familiar song go, “Jesus, take the wheel.” And so, I relinquish control, knowing that in His hands, I am safe and loved. And with that knowledge, I face each day with renewed hope and a heart full of gratitude.

For the battle may rage on, but I am not alone. And with faith as my shield, I am unstoppable.

Thanks for reading~! I am very grateful~~!! I’m wishing everyone PEACE, LOVE & JOY~~~!!!

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