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Fascist White Power Numbnuts Ask:

Why should I offer compensation for something my ancestors did to someone long ago?

It’s not a question of whether whites should or should not be guilty for something their white ancestors did to Africans, the Roma, & to virtually the rest of humanity, but that is how the descendants of the formerly oppressed will virtually always see them — the descendants & benefactors of slavery, colonialism, genocide, or apartheid. Just as the victims of Soviet Russia will always, at least mentally, spit in the face of every Russian because of what their aggressor forefathers during the Stalin Era or during the Russian Empire did to their ancestors, so will all those who suffered at the hands of white slavers, colonizers, & the perpetrators of genocide or apartheid.

This guilt by association will follow the white European race till they are fully absorbed by the darker races which will eventually liquidate them by darkening everyone’s skins through intermarriage which is happening at ever-increasing rates due to freer travel, especially by the world’s youth.

Even in a country as racist, ultraconservative, & tradition-oriented as Lithuania, roughly 10% of the young folks are living with or are married to someone of foreign origin, so the color margins are shifting, for many foreigners in Lithuania are dark-skinned students from southern India & an increasing number are from Africa.

It’s heartening to see this shift occurring as Europe’s youth flows back & forth between their homes & their semesters abroad or their travel jaunts during holidays & vacations. This mixing of the races may be the only way humanity will ever overcome its persistent pull to be “with one’s own kind.”

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