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Fascinate Me Fiction: December 2023 Mid-Month Update

An exciting new series is underway!

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Good morning, writers and readers! I just wanted to do some shout-outs to my awesome active writers and let everyone know what’s happening on Fascinate Me Fiction, the most fascinating fiction publication on Medium! We’ve got a lot of pine fresh content here for you to enjoy this holiday season. See for yourself what’s springing up:

New Fascinate Me Fiction contributor, Kathy J Anderson already has a strong presence on our little fiction pub with her supernatural sci-fi thriller series Phantom Lair of Secrets:

If you haven’t started reading it yet, catch up before she publishes the next piece of the story. Kathy’s already got three installments in the bag, and I can’t wait for the fourth!

Next up is Shyamashree Acharya’s suite of awesome short stories. Her latest published earlier this month is a fascinating and heartwarming ghost story.

Shyamashree’s stories often have supernatural elements, but are often sweet and magical. She’s the bright light of Fascinate Me Fiction.

Finally, I just want to throw this out there: If you haven’t read HI I'M MIKE 🤖 (H.I.M)’s The Threads of Eternity yet, please do. This was the first story I ever received upon opening the pub up to submissions earlier this year. I just wanted to do a special showcase to give the writer some visibility since we’ve had so many new stories pile up since then.

So that’s our December round-up! Keep writing, writers! Also, don’t forget to read and comment on the work of your fellow writers here on Fascinate Me Fiction. Our publication is a friendly place for you and for all the writers here.

Happy Holidays!

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