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The web content discusses the paradoxical experience of feeling isolated amidst a crowd and the concept of each individual representing a unique universe within the multiverse, suggesting that brief moments of connection can reveal the vastness of perspectives and the multiverse itself.


The article "Explore An Expanding Multiverse During Daily Routines" delves into the solitude one can feel despite being surrounded by people in urban settings. It likens the experience of passing strangers on the street to floating alone in a sea of others who share the same sense of isolation. The text suggests that by truly seeing the people around us, we can shift from feeling disconnected to recognizing the multiverse of perspectives that each person embodies. It emphasizes that each individual is a universe unto themselves, with their own unique experiences and perceptions. The author argues that acknowledging this diversity and the collision of realities can lead to a profound understanding of the multiverse, transforming the way we interact with others and perceive the world.


  • The author believes that the feeling of isolation in a crowd is a common paradoxical experience in urban life.
  • Moments of eye contact, though fleeting, are portrayed as gateways to experiencing the multiverse through the perspectives of others.
  • The article posits that science fiction's take on multiverses is not entirely fictional, as it aligns with the idea that each person's perspective constitutes a distinct universe.
  • It is suggested that the realization of each person being a universe can shatter boundaries and lead to a more profound connection with others.
  • The concept of being "self-centered" is redefined as recognizing one's unique perspective at the center of their own universe, rather than as an act of arrogance.
  • The text encourages readers to see beyond the surface when interacting with others, to appreciate the complexity and depth of each individual's inner world.
  • The author concludes with a call to action to explore the collective multiverse by engaging in meaningful connections with those we encounter.

Explore An Expanding Multiverse During Daily Routines

The paradox of drifting alone in a crowd of others who also feel alone.

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Think of how many people pass each other on the sidewalk in a typical city, on a busy day. As we pass strangers on the road or bump shoulders in a crowd there is often a contradicting feeling of isolation.

It is you, floating alone in a blurry swarm of other people who are, like you, floating alone. Despite being surrounded by countless individuals, we often feel adrift, like solitary vessels at sea. As we navigate our daily routines, the blur of people can get chaotic and becomes paradoxically lonesome.

Narrow your view even more and focus on one person. These are moments when our paths intersect with others in ways that transcend the ordinary. Look right into the eyes of your peers — briefly though. It gets awkward and feels like a challenge if you hold eye contact too firmly.

It is in these moments of connection that the multiverse begins to reveal itself.

Science fiction stories about multiverses are not based solely on fiction.

When you understand that each person is merely (and vastly) a perspective of the world it seems simple suddenly. You see the world your way. I see the world my way. We agree on lots of stuff but then there is so much we can never actually describe or show each other.

What happens when we pause to truly see the people around us? The answer is both simple and profound — we stop floating alone in the crowd, and we begin to unlock the hidden potential of perspective.

“It’s in these moments of connection that the multiverse begins to reveal itself.”

But to truly grasp the significance of such a capability, we must first appreciate a fundamental truth: each person is not just a singular perspective but a universe unto themselves.

This realization shatters the boundaries as our versions of reality collide. The beauty is astounding. It reminds us that while we may agree on many aspects of our shared reality, there exists an immeasurable depth of experiences, perceptions, and nuances that elude our ability to fully describe or convey to one another.

Here’s where the concept of being self-centered takes on an entirely new meaning. When someone playfully accuses you of thinking the world revolves around you, you can respond with a knowing smile. Because, in a sense, this is true. You are the center of your universe, just as I am the center of mine. This isn’t a matter of arrogance; it’s a recognition of the unique perspective each of us holds.

Picture it this way: your body is smack-dab in the center of the universe as you perceive it.

Now, think about the people you encounter on your journey through life. Each individual represents a living, breathing universe, complete with its own thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

When you see that people are this vast , everything changes. Your eyes, once focused on the surface, start to perceive galaxies within others — complex, intricate, and utterly fascinating.

So, how do we explore the many versions of the world we collectively inhabit?

Try seeing eye to eye.


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