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Everyone Yearns for Love

It's a core desire, even a need.

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Children need love. When nurtured with abundant love and care, children will grow up happier and more likely to become independent and valuable adults.

Adults desire love—at home, on the job, in other social situations, and even at the grocery store. Happiness and kindness are more prevalent when love is present.

I am a full-time introvert. Yet, just because my preference is to fly solo, I still yearn for love and kindness. I'm sure the same is true of you.

Everyone yearns for love.

Part of the problem is that we put too much focus on behavior to determine our love. What? How did that get started?

If we focus on people's actions, we will love only those who first love us. Is that at all proper? Should we wait to be loved before giving love?

I don't think so, though maybe that's why love has become so elusive.

In my story about a decision of love preceding a feeling of love (see story below), I share a conversation I would have with some of the teen boys I helped raise.

The discussion in that story shows how if we all wait for the first one to show love, who will decide to go first?

Focus in on the person, the core of the person, not the acts of that person. Their core being. The heart and soul of the person.

Everyone yearns for love. I do, and so do you. However, making a decision to love someone should NOT depend on whether they love you back. It's nice, but it's not required.

I Love You.

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