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Even NATO doesn’t want NATO boots in Ukraine, let alone Putin.

Because they know Russia will go nuclear.

Macron, recently, floated the idea that we could see NATO boots on the ground in Ukraine.

Then, all of a sudden UK, US and other partners jumped in to deny that possibility. They feared Macron had gone too far with his assessment.

And their rejections tell us quite clearly their view on NATO and on Ukraine.

  1. Ukraine was a proxy war they lost against Russia. They threw everything at Putin, but they couldn’t defeat him nor Russia.
  2. NATO only exists in name.

Let me expand upon those two points.

It’s clear Biden’s proxy war is close to being finished in Ukraine. Infighting between Ukrainian leadership, incompetence and corruption are just a few reasons for the loss. When NATO/American weapons found themselves on the black market, I knew this war would be lost.

If you didn’t know, they applied the same strategy to Ukraine that they did in Afghanistan, arm warlords and corrupted elites, who only made themselves richer in the process.

But the aim of the war wasn’t just defeating Russia, it was also subjugating and fragmenting Europe. Before the war, Europe and Russia had warmer and better ties and this translated into the Nord Stream project between Russia and Germany.

In pure economics, that threatened America’s position as an economic superpower and threatened the dollar. Biden and most likely his backers wanted to hit two birds with one stone. Take out Russia and then take out Europe who was growing economically and beginning to dwarf America.

So how do they take out Europe?

Turn it into a battlefield. It’s the same strategy they used in Syria, Libya, Iraq and any other country that posed an economical challenge to the American deep state.

By making Europe fight Russia, the war started in Ukraine is going to be pushed into mainland Europe. Germany and France.

And to do that they need to activate article 5 of NATO. The first step of that was to add Ukraine, which was heavily rejected by many countries, because they knew the war was going to be pushed into Europe, which it actually will be.

And this is where NATO doesn’t want NATO to fight a war, makes sense.

It’s not just the fact that they don’t want western Europe to be a battleground. The refugees that emerge from that conflict will spread into western nations and capitals, overwhelming infrastructure, a nightmare scenario.

The war is close to home and they’re basically scared it’ll reach their doorsteps.

They’re happy with a proxy fight far away on distant lands, but for some in Europe they don’t want that fire reaching mainland Europe and the recent backpedaling by America and Britain on Macron’s comments suggests to me that not everyone in Europe is happy with being played like puppets.

One other point I want to highlight is that Russia now considers Ukraine Russian territory, seeing as how they’re close to winning and also the fact that Putin threatens NATO with nuclear war.

I think western leaders need to take his words seriously. Throwing around nuclear threats shows Putin is serious and moving nukes closer to Ukraine’s borders and to allied countries just shows that he is willing to back up those threats.

It’s a red line they don’t want to cross and the french foreign ministry backtracked Macron’s claims later saying that they will not put troops into Ukraine.

Russia will definitely hit all European capitals faster than they’re able to deploy NATO troops into Ukraine.

Yeah sure Russia will be turned to glass, but taking down 10 other countries with it, seems like a good bargain for Putin.

Because, even if war is pushed into Europe and for next half a century it becomes a ravaged land, they can sitll rebuild themselves, but when it comes to nukes, the entire western population is at risk of extinction.

Thanks for reading.

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