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Entertain this perspective on twin flames..

There is another one of you somewhere. The same as you, except they are the opposite, too. Biologically different, yet the same at a soul level. A certain level of soul where a unique plasmic vibration lives. Liquid love on a dimensional plane - an etheric flux, a bridge between what makes you unique and what connects you to everything.

Here in this space the thought of you was conceived, in the third dimensional world. This is what made you tangible. It is what made you, YOU. A finger print of sorts on an energetic aura. This is the same force that brought your parents together. The same force that knew in order for you to be born ( the thought of you), it needed a vessel.

It is believed that this force can sometimes conceive twins. The “thought” of you splits like a cell and develops side by side. Breathing the same breath, made from the same dimensional cloth, born from the same stardust.

Then you descend into the physical world, carrying this memory within your energetic field, never forgetting that original feeling of connection.

You will crave it all your life. Seek it out in a million ways, and at times you will think you have found it, again and again. You will wonder how to recreate it in this material world- always looking for it even if you cannot name it, describe it, or attempt to envision it.

Then one day you will just let that idea go and get on with your life. Perhaps marry whatever seems closest to it, settling for what seems the furthest thing from it. Agreeing to disagree with yourself in a way that allows “less” to be real for you, when real is always some where calling your name.

Either way like magnets it will come. That strange magnetic force welcomes itself back into your life. It could show up in the most inconvenient times, in the most mysterious ways.

Forming the same way it began; in the ethereal, out on the fringes of you, landing on the borderline of real and unreal- the crossing plane of there and here. The space where all ideas, thoughts, and things are born.

It will be a ordinary day, and you will be walking though life and suddenly it happens- like a shift in timelines. Perhaps it will be not clear right away, but there is an internal feeling of something grand happening, something bigger taking a place. Is this a fated occurrence? Destiny in the making?

This divine person will show up, and they will be the stranger you recognize. The missing piece of your soul- this encounter will activate who you really are- and your heart. Your human will feel as if it is twirling around and around in an intimate dance of creative spontaneous synchronistic duality spun into one mind.

Your life will began to feel like a coded puzzle. All the pieces finally coming together.

You will awaken to the fact that you both have shared many lifetimes, always attracting each other at just the right moment- to intervene at just the right time.

You will be asked to remember that love, to pull it forward into your consciousness; to try and regain insight of the many lifetimes together, and to honor the souls marriage. You began to realize by honoring them, you honor your Self- because both are the same, two beings cut from the same cosmic cloth.

So here is the divine reminder:

The world as we know it is changing, and celestial partnerships are being fully supported on Earth at this time- these divine unions are meant to change the world.

The lovers is an archetype that is here to remind humanity of divine love, ancient love..this is a beautiful era we are entering.

Everyone deserves true love and divine union- but to find it, you must love yourself first.

“What a risk it is to love. May we let it devour us.”

-Zia Heir

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