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End Of Year Self Reflection For The New Year

Ten Questions For A Self-Reflection

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Karen Schwartz states it is the end of the year therefore it is a time for self reflection. I always like these ToTs if the questions are interesting. I hope to see some of the other Medium writers answer these questions.


1️⃣ Are you more of a hoarder or a minimalist?

I am working toward becoming a minimalist, although I was never really a hoarder. I am just trying to downsize, and I have offered my children their choice of numerous items. Only the grandchildren have taken me up on that with the exception of my youngest son who will take all of my stained glass supplies for his wife and the girls.

2️⃣ Are you more romantic or sex-crazed?

Is this any of your business? I am too old to be sex-crazed, so I will choose a romance.

3️⃣ Are you more health-conscious or self-indulgent?

I think I am more health-conscious, but surely not perfect. Having physical therapy is helping me be more active. I do eat pretty healthy. I love salads, so I eat them most days for lunch.

4️⃣ Were you more calm or more anxious yesterday?

I have become calmer as I have aged, but I was never really that anxious except during the end of my first marriage.

5️⃣ Are you more relaxed or adventurous?

I used to be very adventurous, and I loved to travel. I am more relaxed now due to my physical limitations. I wish I could be adventurous like I once was as I loved it.

6️⃣ Are you more argumentative or easygoing?

I have never been argumentative. I do not like conflict, but I believe I am naturally easygoing.

7️⃣ Are you more physically attractive or beautiful within?

I think I was physically attractive as a young woman, but aging is not particularly kind in that department. My husband still thinks I’m attractive, so that is whose opinion matters to me. I like to think of myself as beautiful within.

8️⃣ Are you more of a lazy person or an energized bunny?

I am more lazy than I used to be. When I was younger I was the energizer bunny!

9️⃣ Are you more self-confident in your writing skills or insecure?

I am much more secure than I was when I started writing online, however I cannot really remember feeling very insecure.

🔟 Are you more of a believer in an afterlife, or this is all there is?

I am a believer in Jesus and the afterlife. I had a touching experience many years ago, and I have never looked back. I always believed from childhood but that experience I had in my early thirties changed me.

⏸️ A Bonus Question: Did I learn something about myself that will help move me into the new year, or did I already know myself well?

I know myself pretty well. I have done inventories many times in my life. I have changed over time, and I hope it is always for the better.

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