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Egotism: Excessive Concern About Oneself

Strutting and Fretting Upon the Stage of Existence

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Possessing space

Animals are territorial. Dogs, cats, and birds have their spaces.

I once saw a big ol’ mockingbird fly around my mother’s place in the cedars around Austin and sing here and there.

“He’s staking out his territory,” said Mom.

People have territory, too.

My pickup sits out in the apartment house parking lot, and the rest of humanity ignores it because it’s not their possession.

I once read, “Trust in God, but tie your camel.” That’s why I bring in the ignition key and lock the doors of Ol’ Whitey at night.

Spring has changed into the winter of self

Humans keep their possessions for their enjoyment without sharing sufficiently with others.

Things are gifts.

Things from the earth, like trees, lumber, and paper, are material gifts. Things of the spirit, like humility, kindness, and generosity, are also gifts.

Selfishness and egotism are like the winter. The spring of God is coming.


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