Echoes of Selfhood

Who can represent me

In this vast realm, where fish are just fish, and shrimp are but shrimp, Where turtles bear the burden of being deemed lowly and insignificant, I rise, unyielding, for no one shall represent me without consent, For those who dare to stand in my stead shall face retribution, their kin laid to rest.

In this world, so vast and intricate, one soul stands as my reflection, A son, my flesh and blood, the embodiment of my essence and affection. Question not the reasons that lie beneath, for they are deeply entwined, In the act of creation, my legacy is defined.

Oh, the mysteries of life, the dance of existence, intertwined in our bond, A testament to the intimate connection we share, beyond what can be found. For in the union of love and desire, a profound truth does unfold, Through him, my spirit leaps, my story untold.

In this tapestry of existence, where identities intertwine, I assert my presence, my voice resolute, defying the confines of time. For in the depths of my being, a power does reside, A force that defies conventions, a flame that shall never subside.

Let the world bear witness to the echoes of selfhood, resounding loud and clear, A symphony of individuality, a testament to the human spirit we hold dear. For in this vast expanse of life's grand design, I reclaim my sovereignty, my essence, forever mine.

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