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Down I Fell

on the highway to hell . . .

Photo by Danica Tanjutco on Unsplash

Careen like lightning on a bolt of thunderstruck my upper lip goes stiff your salamander is spawning a whole lotta bootie goin’ on hells bells plug into a livewire socket doing dirty deeds and sparkin’ up some dust crisscross a tangle of crossroads as your creepy crescent moon crawls under my skin mainline bootie all night long downfalling on the highway to hell.

Lie down . . . kickback try givin’ this bitch a bone our juicy mango mingle perfumes a twilight twinkle to hell and back we’re rockin’ licking frosting from each finger our bareback bronc ride puts us under a witch’s spell her hex bubbling like magma jolting aside boulders and ash her scorching exhale our deep rhythmic rumble a bout of growling thunder on the highway to hell.

Backstory: I heard the classic rock hit Highway to Hell, first time in twenty years. I was reminded how seductive that grinding AC/DC beat can be.

How many dozens of times did I fuck somebody’s brains out to AC/DC?

Sitting in a wheelchair all the time makes for achy hips and flattened tush, so I lie on the floor daily and do exercises which ease my painful bones, joints, muscles and tissue.

Doing pelvic tilts to AC/DC brought back a slew of naughty nostalgia.

Plus, doing my exercises spawned a poem!

Image by Lin Tong from Pixabay . . . caption by Margie Willis

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