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Don’t Believe Their Shit

Don’t Let Shit-Talkers Steal Your Writer’s Dream

They Can’t Do it Themselves, So They Criticize Those Who Can

Your writing dream is unstoppable when you stop listening to negative people and believe in yourself. Image by 51581 from Pixabay

One of my favorite things I enjoy doing here on Medium is helping other writers build their confidence. It’s amazing to see newer Medium users who are a bit shy and reluctant to share their writing at first succeed and develop into confident, talented writers.

I love being someone who compliments their writing and cheers them on. If I can share any insight that I’ve found during my two years as a writer, I’m glad to do so. I not only want to continue the awesome growth I’ve been fortunate enough to have, but I want that for all of my Medium friends as well.

I’m blessed to have the support of my Bride, family, friends, and most of the people I’ve connected with on Medium during these first two years of my Writer’s Journey. It’s been at least 99% supportive.

Not everyone has this same experience when attempting to do something new. There are usually a number of negative people in someone’s orbit, the people in their lives. Often, it’s even family, spouses, or close friends.

One positive aspect of starting a writing career at age 47 is that I’ve weeded out the most negative, worst people from my life by this point. I’ve cut ties with anyone who attempts to bring nothing but drama, negativity, and bullshit into my daily routine.

For best results, surround yourself with supportive, amazing people. Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash.

So it was an easy thing for me to surround myself with positive, caring, well-mannered folks when I decided to take up writing. Just about everyone out there has been so kind, encouraging, and complimentary about my writing. The following of over 46,000 people here on Medium both humbles and amazes me.

The biggest lesson that I hope to pass along to all of you, my writing friends, is to believe in yourself. If anyone tells you that you can’t achieve success as a writer, disregard that bullshit. You can accomplish anything that you set your mind to.

Negative people try to steal dreams because they can’t do what you’re attempting to do themselves. It’s far easier to shit on someone’s dream than to make your own happen. It’s a toxic trait and one that you should absolutely refuse to be a part of.

Negative, mean-spirited people are an energy drain. Think back to the worst relationship you’ve ever had. What types of things did this person tell you all of the time?

If you aren’t supported, encouraged, and complimented by your spouse, family, or friends, don’t listen to their negativity. Keep discouraging people away from you. Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay.

“You’ll never do __________.” “I’m just being honest.” “You’ll never find someone better than me.”

If you’ve heard these things from the person who is supposed to love you and support your dreams, you likely remember how hurtful that their lack of confidence in you felt. Hopefully, you escaped that relationship.

If you haven’t and you’re still with that person, RUN.

There is no reason for people to treat others so terribly. It would never occur to me to NOT support someone I’m in a relationship with. Likewise, friends, family, or Medium friends who are attempting a newer venture and rely on my support and encouragement. Why would I ever doubt someone’s talent and attempt to crush their dreams?

My Bride is an amazing artist. She also owns her own counseling practice that’s busy, successful, and helps so many people in need. Her ex-husband didn’t compliment her artwork. He said she was foolish to go after a Master’s Degree in social work.


Guess who had her back and made her happy enough to start doing art again? Ahem. Who told her that it was a wonderful idea to leave her employer’s place of business and start her own practice? Uh, right here. I’ve always supported her goals and dreams and she has excelled at both things.

Mai created this amazing piece of art and gave it to me as a wedding gift. Made with colored pencils and love. I adore her and am proud that I helped fuel her artist’s dream.

But more than anything, it starts with believing in yourself. As I started writing the first 10 of the now 900+ blog articles I’ve written in two years, I wondered if my writing was decent for a newbie. As I started receiving more and more positive feedback, I had an ever-growing amount of confidence.

By the time I had written article #100, I felt as though I was a good writer. But I also knew that I’d likely get better with more writing pieces under my belt. This has seemed to be the case, as I’ve reached, 200, 300, and now over 900 articles written in just two years.

I see it for myself. I read those first 50 or 100 articles I wrote, and compare them to article numbers 400 to 500, and the difference is startling but in a good way. I’ve worked hard every day of the year to write and publish something of value for others to enjoy.

More than anything, I enjoy them for my own amusement. I laugh when I read my humor stories or even some snarky bullshit I’ve added to a writing piece about politics and religion. I figure that if I find them funny, most others will too.

We have built our publication to over 5000 followers in 18 months. I will never let anyone convince me that my writers and I aren’t talented at what we do.

But again, the love and support from everyone here are just incredible. Never discount how important it is to leave a positive, encouraging comment for another writer. I live for those. If you ever wonder whether you should comment on my writing or not, don’t. You SHOULD. It means a lot.

I try to respond to or clap for as many writing pieces as I can each day. I know that feeling of getting a compliment and support from another writer. It can fuel the next leg of your Writer’s Journey for miles and miles. Be a good human and fellow writer. Put into the writing community what you’d like back from it.

But most of all, believe in yourself. If you enjoy writing and believe that you’re a great writer, it will be far easier to convince others that you are. Your talent will be developed and you’ll shine.

The more we do the things we love and surround ourselves with positive, caring people, the less negative, angry people will be able to steal our dreams. &:^)

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