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And delicious.

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Delectable and delicious Food that meets the mood Meet me at the do and we’ll work through The food in plentitude.

Windy ways served on trays. Lippy slips on lips Please pass me the pepper Then hand around the dips.

Anchovies anchored to An olive or blue cheese Pass around the platter Say pretty, pretty, please.

Try tilting your teacup. A little finger in the air Tune in to the small talk Try a double dare.

Use a silver swizzle stick. To stir the martini Talk about the riffraff Be a real meanie.

When you’ve eaten hors d’oeuvres And taken in some tea Then try the finger food Diddle, diddle dee.

Never discuss politics Religions or war Talk tripe and piffle Try to be a bore.

Kiss the hostess on the cheek Blather her with flattery Pop some cookies in your pocket And sip on a Daiquiri.

Time to bid the hosts adieu With a witty remark Then fall into the bushes When walking in the dark.


David Rudder 2024

Thank you for reading this piece and my poetry.

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