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12th January, 2024

Photo by Vasily Nemchinov on Unsplash

A sunny, vibrant, cool morning in our bathed-in-light, top floor Airbnb. Huge apartment with no building name or door number. Slightly fishy of course, but that’s just how these things go in India. Anyway, safe and comfortable enough and I woke up in a decent enough mood.

Bit of an argument with the Mrs about the time it’s taking me to get ready. She’s understandably worked up as she hasn’t been dropped off to her parents’ place down the road for her morning filter coffee yet. That happens about an hour or so later. Bangalore traffic still bloody manic. No changes there.

I spend the morning gorging on delicious, buttery, steaming hot rice-rotis prepared by my in-laws. OMAD be damned. It’s nigh on impossible to stick to my eating discipline in this country. And my work obligations too. Dreading my daily weigh-in once I am back home – the figures would definitely be astronomical.

More food for lunch – mutton curry this time. And a huge dinner at a family friend’s place, along with some Glenfidditch single-malt. They have a wonderful home that they bought almost 20 years ago. It’s since gone up in price 40 times! Talk about a savage investment.

Talk about schizophrenia and Bitcoin ETFs and Indian rental laws. A free flowing, eclectic conversation that kept us going till just after midnight. The Mrs drives an inebriated me & my folks back to our airbnb. Her first time driving an automatic, and she aced it. Like duck to water.

Some gentle spooning late in the night as we both drift off to a semi-sound sleep.

Till the morrow!

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