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Cynthia Erivo is a Gift

And I may just be her biggest fan

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I come from a musical family with roots in Pentecostal traditions. We love everything from rock and gospel, to R&B and country and arias. There is a deep appreciation for true musicianship, real vocal skill, and excellence. My daughters all sing and I’ve often told them that studying and honing the craft of singing is always a good investment, but no one can teach you “tone”. If you have tone- clear and resonate and entreating- that is a gift from God.

Well, I encountered Cynthia Erivo’s gift of tone and spirit when she joined the Broadway cast of The Color Purple. Mesmerized by her skill and her passion, it is her control and tone that arrest me every time.

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There are several iconic performances in her canon, but her recent tribute to Dionne Warwick at the 2023 Kennedy Center Honors has been lighting up the internet with replays and reaction videos. I have watched and listened to her version of “Alfie” entranced, no less than 25 times so far.

It really is a masterclass in skill, showmanship, and superior talent. People I’ve spoken with about it admitted to chills and awe. If you haven’t seen the tribute, bless all of your senses by watching here.

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Fans are excitedly awaiting Ms. Erivo’s turn as Elphaba in part 1 of the film version of “Wicked” slated for release in November 2024 opposite songstress Arianna Grande. Hearts are already exploding! You see, she is just as much a powerhouse actress as she is a vocalist, having played opposite heavy hitters like Viola Davis, Jeff Bridges, Idris Alba, and Leslie Odom, Jr.

Erivo has the range and gravitas to play iconic figures from Aretha Franklin to Harriet Tubman and beyond. Evidently, her talent and the gifts God has graced her with know no bounds. She is on track to be the youngest EGOT winner in history, with only the Oscar missing at the moment. She is black girl magic on steroids!

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Once you recover from the Alfie experience in all of its turquoise splendor, follow this musical muse down a soul-stirring path of beauty and heart-wrenching emotions with “You’re Not Here” and “Anything Worth Holding On To”.

I promise it’s worth it to let your heart feel all the feels in the songs of this beautiful soul. Witnessing the gifts bestowed on humanity is humbling and inspiring.

Like I said, I’m in awe and I’m a fan.

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