Crypto scam alert: crescovalabs.com, 360foxlabs.com, sokiclabs.com

Hey guys, I need to warn you about a scam which I fell victim to recently.

I wish I could have found a third party review of this site or telegram bot before putting my money. I was frantically googling their name before putting my money. Unfortunately there were none. So I am going to take one for the future investors, and hope this spreads like a wildfire so that I can prevent others from falling victims.

I really need your support, dear medium community, as it took a lot of courage to come out and admit my failure at certain red flags and overcoming this swirling storm of emotions of greed, shame and sadness.

The scam:

  1. Someone will contact you / DM you on social media, in my case it was on Telegram (username @roy_xr, if it helps anyone), with a proper context (copying my message which I posted on a large group in common). The objective here was to build trust with me, no immediate promotion.
  2. The sophisticated investor will chat with you about their ‘life’ (with pictures), interests and advanced knowledge in crypto and trading. In my case they even shared legitimate e-books with me. No show off of expensive cars/jets in my case.
  3. They will slowly, in a few days, mention about this automated trading bot which gave great results to them (nothing magical or wild, but a decent “2.5%” of your investment as a daily payout for 45 days, and then your original investment is returned to you, so about 2x your investment). They will answer all your questions confidently and might even show you their “withdrawals” to cement your trust.
  4. Once you are hooked, you will install a “bot” on telegram which supposedly trades your crypto. You will obviously start with a minimum “$300” in the above mentioned scheme. You will notice for a few days that your investment’s “2.5%” of crypto is being deposited in your wallet regularly, like clock work. The “support team” will meanwhile push another scheme which pays “5%” of your daily payout, however you can’t withdraw them until 45 days (supposed “3x”). This is where they prey on our greed. This is where they got money from me.
  5. Some sudden external trouble will befall the company in a few days. In my case the story was a “hack” which led to withdrawal addresses being taken over, and they had to unfortunately stop the “bot”. They will ask for a withdrawal fees to send you your funds. But they will stop or reduce responses in all channels. Obviously you will never see your money.

The way they extend the scam is: 1. They keep rotating (and possibly will change it soon) the name of their websites and bot to fly under the radar. So far I have only come across one external name; 360foxlabs.com on the website of crescovalabs.com almost by accident, as somebody seems to have forgotten to change/remove the tooltip at the logo on the bottom left of the website, which led me to this gem I found on the internet (purposely leaving out the Name of the reviewer as well as the website, to avoid any ‘retribution’ to them).

The reviewer has uploaded the contact of a person here, who is also coincidentally a ‘Dubai Real estate’ person. My “referrer” named “Roy” was also a ‘person living in Dubai’ with interest in flipping real estate. 2. They keep depositing the small (2.5%) crypto to the wallet address you provided. They don’t need any other Ponzi money for it, they can just send you your funds in short, daily “payouts”. Trust is built slowly. What a toxic poisonous bunch of snakes. 3. Your referrer will also get “stuck” with the same external problem situation mentioned above in point 5 of how the scam works. They will goad you on to put the withdrawal fees and whatever is needed to get your funds out! They will even show you the big money they are themselves putting into this “trustworthy” platform. 4. Upon questioning and follow ups, they might send you a “test” transaction to appease you that your funds are safe and they are just being safe about it. 5. They will create fake stories of how they are scheduling withdrawals for different “countries”. But when it will be your turn, obviously they will say “funds are sent”. However, I have never got a single proof of payment or transaction ID from them.

Their website is pretty anonymous and legit looking. And they use established “partners” names to create this air of credibility. Hello “partners”: Coinmonks Team, Coinmonks Team, Coinmonks; Deribit Exchange, Deribit, Deribit — Support. They have listed you as “partner”. If you are ok to be listed on their websites, then know that your perception in my eyes is that of a known accomplice in crime. If you are not, then do your best to take down your logo from the website. While helping me and others get our funds back if you have access to their wallets. Think of this as a thank you to me for alerting your name and reputation being used in these nefarious ways.

How can you, a medium reader help?

  1. Spread this message as much as you can so that you, your friends, your acquaintances and no one else falls for this group of scummy lying pieces of crap. Tag them on social media. They have a presence here! https://medium.com/@crescovalabs (they have blocked me, but not you), telegram https://t.me/crescovalabs_support and on twitter https://twitter.com/Crescovalabs (post a tweet, maybe something like: “Watch out for these horrible scammers, @Crescovalabs, @360foxlabs. Do not entertain anyone who promotes these sites or telegram bots, You WILL lose your money”.
  2. Help me collect more of their wallet addresses. I have a detailed plan on what to do with those addresses, although I won’t reveal it here, as I just don’t want to give the scammers any idea. If you have their wallet addresses, or know anyone who has, please contact me in the comments or email me.
  3. Collect any piece of information that can help law enforcement catch them. It is a long shot, but if scammers like Do Kwon, Nicholas Truglia, Aiden Pleterski or Karl Sebastian can go behind bars, then why not these scammers. It might take a while, but it will surely be a sight for sore eyes and a sweet ending.
  4. If you know anyone who has the expertise to do some cyber snooping or even ethical hacking, please introduce them to me. I am willing to share some bounty with them if they can help, just please filter the scammers away (those who want advance funds to help and then they don’t bother responding).

Please note that I am not saying that all Crypto is a scam, in fact it is a wonderful beast that has made a lot of money to a lot of people. I still believe hugely in Crypto, it’s just these pretenders and immoral scammers that screw genuine people out of their money. Please consider clapping 10 times or so to make this article viral. Even if I could prevent 10 people from falling victim to these low lives, I will feel much better.

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