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Creaming the Cuck

Hundo | Trajectory

Today’s hundo is told from a different POV from a story I published a few days ago. I will link the story below. I hope you enjoy.

She laid her husband’s head below her navel so he could watch while I plunged my dick deep into his wife’s ample body.

It was a bit odd having another guy stare at you like that, but I really wanted to fuck this chick, so whatever floated their boat.

His watching me turn his wife inside out wasn’t enough for her, though.

She demanded her little cuck be humiliated.

And I knew what she wanted.

I lined up my shot, making sure I got the trajectory right and jerked my load all over his face and her big mommy tits.

Thank you for reading! As I said, this hundo is from a different POV from a story I published a few days ago. That story is told from the female’s POV as she cucks her husband and forces him to be closer to the action than he ever imagined. I hope you enjoy it as well as this hundo!

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