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Christmas Decorations Are Going Up All Over My Neighborhood

Is the same thing happening in yours?

Photo by From Marwool on Unsplash

When I go on my daily walk now, I see Christmas tree lights and decorations all over my neighborhood. How about you? I appreciate the time and effort these people took to share the joy of Christmas with others. The lights are especially beautiful if you walk or drive by at night.

It is such a pleasant, uplifting feeling to observe all the colorful, twinkling lights decorating other people’s houses, especially when it’s dark outside.

Some people pack their families in the car and go out cruising the best-decorated neighborhoods for fun. And it is a lot of fun, especially if you have younger kids in your family.

The crisper, clearer nighttime air gives you a crystal-clear view of all the colors and combinations of lights that people devise for display.

It is a testament to their creative spirit and a way to display their inner interior decorator, their dormant da Vinci, or their inventive creator genius/ Martha Stewart-like side of their personality.

In a way, it also gives you an insight into their lifestyle and mindset and is a great way to measure their Christmas spirit. They are more than eager to share their inner joy about the holidays with everybody.

Some people thrive on the competition, and in some neighborhoods, they give out prizes for the most impressive, colorful displays of outdoor lighting exhibits for the best-decorated home.

These are mostly all done for fun and maybe some healthy competition too. You don’t have to go over the top like Chevy Chase (as Clark Griswold) does in “Christmas Vacation,” who overdoes everything.

Griswold has 25,000 thousand twinkling lights fastened all over the outside of his home, Christmas music blaring over loudspeakers, and ends up blacking out the entire neighborhood because his ravenous electrical demands overload everybody else.

Obviously, this is not what most people are going for. They just want to display their festive spirit, and there is nothing that says Christmas more to passersby than a tasteful display of our Christmas decorations.

Start out with using LED lights or candles for both their cheaper price and their ecological efficiency. Outdoor Christmas lights are used to frame doors, windows, roofs, and outside trees.

Some people enjoy putting up dioramas of reindeer, Santa Claus, and his elves, or religious scenes on their front lawns. Some people prefer a lower-key presentation of just decorating their windows.

It still conveys the spirit of Christmas. It is like an unspoken agreement, like putting out pumpkins for Halloween to let others know you’re feeling the spirit.

It gives you a warm, toasty feeling just walking around the block and seeing all the effort people put into decorating their homes. It reminds you of the Christmas spirit we all should be feeling and enjoying this time of year.

Even if you live in an apartment, you can still put up a string of lights on your inside window frames that are visible from the outside as well as the inside of your home.

The whole point is to publically share the enthusiasm, excitement, and joy of celebrating Christmas.

Christmas is a special time of year. It is all about caring and sharing, giving and receiving, peace and goodwill to everybody. This is the goal and dream.

It is a time to put aside petty differences and realize and reconcile ourselves to the fact that we are all human beings spinning around the sun at 67,000 mph, or 18.5 miles a second every day, all year long.

We are all passengers on spaceship Earth, and it is a great and grand adventure just being alive. Celebrating Christmas with outer manifestations of joy, like Christmas lighting decorations are all part of our common humanity.

Enjoy the holidays! Feel the peace, and savor the joy. We are all connected…

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