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Champagne Stories and Forgotten Shadows

in the tiny hand of the little match girl the glow from the match flickered a whispered wish for just a taste of warmth behind those grand window

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash
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you are basking in luxury celebrating your fine life

while others are barely living it in the squalor

unwrapping presents in festive delight laughter echoes in your splendid abode

while others are holding themselves tight to keep warm in their tattered threads crying tears of blood

you are surrounded by your loved ones in warm embrace

while loneliness is their only respite all alone estranged from those around them

you raise your glass of champagne in merriment high while others drink from their cup of despair

the tales of contrast it’s celebration for you but it’s a haunting blight for them having it all and having none at all are two worlds far apart

Never forget, there’s others out there in the cold

©Britt H.

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