avatarPaul Pallaghy, PhD


Centrism is 100x more enlightened than the evil & delinquent left & right.

It stuns me that there aren’t more openly centrist voices out there. We only have a few.

I think it’s because centrism got a bad rap from libertarianism which I don’t like either. It’s too self-obsessed.

I label myself a ‘community-minded’ centrist.

All that means is that ‘we’ pick and chose the moderate stances of the left and right on merit and care more about the community’s and planet’s benefits (think strong military, working together in pandemics & fast climate action thru green tech) on average than specifically our own.


Both the left and right are hugely disingenuous.

Their stances are often lies based on misrepresentation of the opposition.

The left practices horrific levels of cancel-culture and authoritarianism, wastes tax payer funds and pushes nutcase-level gender ideologies that endangers young people.

The right doesn’t care about the less well of, ignores minorities and is blind to climate change and gun violence.

Both the left and the right are too ideological, refusing to listen to evidence.

As an individual it’s hard to see how smart or caring people can possibly side with either brand of politics.

At voting time we don’t have many options.

That’s crazy.

There’s a huge market for non-libertarian centrism. It just needs voices and honest branding.

In the meantime we can support and influence local representatives making the correct decisions.

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