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Careful What You Wish For.

Who do you become after the kids are grown and you’ve accomplished more than you could have ever imagined? It’s a scary thought.

It’s the hope that kills you.

That little flicker of light that makes you believe the impossible is possible.

Because how many humiliating defeats can one suffer before they give up for good?

But what if? What if that book you’ve bled over gets published? What if your script is accepted? What if you land that dream job?

The aftermath of a captured dream is just as scary as the chase.

Do you fundamentally change?

Does the person you are today die?

What if you hate the new version?

What if the dream turned out to be only a nightmare?

Thank you for reading. I, like many others, wrap myself up in the struggle for success. Whether in writing, other pursuits, or even personal relationships, there’s this desire to accomplish something while we walk this earth. To figure it out. To be recognized. For success. I am fascinated by the aftermath. After all the dust settles and you accomplished all you set out to do, what happens then? Where does it leave you? Does life become predictably boring, and you yearn for the struggle so you can feel alive once again? I’m curious what you think.

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