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Looking Ahead to the Future

Bring Your BEST Game Forward for the New Year

Do you have a plan for the New Year?

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The New Year is just a few days away. Christmas is around the corner and the New Year is close by. After the festive period of the holidays and Christmas is done, the New Year will be upon us before we know it. This is the right time to set out a rough plan for the next year.

Your blueprint for the New Year does not need to be detailed or with a lot of things that must be done during the year. The best template that I follow, is to chart the course that I have taken in the present year, to then modify and improvise on any goals and objectives.

Over the months, I have noticed that my ideas and ways of working have changed. Taking these into consideration, I frame my plan for the next year. My plan is to publish more articles and to write and publish more comics as well as fiction novels. This is my method for bringing my best game forward as writing matters a lot to me.

How do you plan for the New Year and the opportunity to bring your best game forward for that which matters a lot to you in life, your career, your hobby or your side hustle or something else in your life?

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