Bloodstone, a healing, nurturing, and protective stone bar none. It gently encourages people to upgrade their perspective.

Bloodstone Jasper (Bloodstone Chalcedony) Healing and Metaphysical Properties

Its Properties Are Ideal for Any Spiritual Path

Heliotrope, aka bloodstone; AI generated

Bloodstone Facts

Bloodstone, a widely appreciated crystal, is valued for its healing and protective properties. It gently encourages individuals to mend and upgrade their mental outlook. Moreover, these stones can protect from negative energy and increase creativity, motivation, and vitality in daily life.

This stone has strong nurturing qualities that help to improve interpersonal relationships. It can assist individuals in moving past misunderstandings and inspires a robust and balanced presence and mental focus in various situations, particularly for new mothers. Its positive and soothing energies make it especially beneficial for both new parents and children.

Referred to as blood jasper, bloodstone jasper, bloodstone chalcedony, or heliotrope, it is both jasper and chalcedony. Bloodstone is mainly medium to dark green in color but features areas of black, brown, and red, thus earning its name. The red spots result from iron oxide within the stone’s structure, while the green is primarily from chlorite and may also be from hornblende. (Hornblende is darker colored amphibole).

Bloodstone including the plasma variety (with yellow blotches). Image Credit: Non-existent user, via Wikimedia Commons by CC 3.0

Two Types

There are two types of the mineral bloodstone/heliotrope: the plasma type, which has yellow spots (goethite), and the other variety, which features more red, and is more properly called bloodstone.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods.

Healing Properties

In ancient Mesopotamia, bloodstone was used as a medical aid, often in powdered form; it was employed as a coagulant and also as a tool to detoxify. Throughout history, it has been used to treat tumors, prevent excessive blood loss, and even heal snake bites. Women commonly use it to alleviate menstrual disorders. Additionally, it is known to boost the immune system, improve kidney health, and provide overall healing benefits.

Metaphysical Properties

One traditional application of bloodstone is to carry it as an amulet. Its contained energies enhance physical strength, courage, and good fortune, and promote clear thinking and sound judgment. It fosters a sense of calm and centeredness, which may prove useful for job interviews and public speaking.


Bloodstone offers far-reaching protective benefits and is ideal to accompany tourmaline or obsidian in any protection spell or other spiritual practice. Historically, it has been used to protect against the elements, trickery and deceit, and psychic vampirism. Legend has it that when the person holding it approaches a situation involving danger, the red turns to a shade like that of blood. As well, it protects from EMFs — a valuable property in today’s digital world.


It provides a significant mental boost, particularly in academic and professional settings. For individuals hesitant to make necessary decisions or take required actions to move forward, this crystal can bolster confidence and ambition. For anyone who has suffered through tremendous pain or a traumatic event, bloodstone helps rediscover personal strength and sense of purpose.

Spiritual Properties

Bloodstone is known to evoke a strong Christ-self awareness and a desire to live by standards appropriate to that awareness. It strengthens clairaudience and enhances intuition. Additionally, it is used in aura healing work. This crystal resonates with the root or base chakra and secondarily with the heart chakra. As it targets the root chakra effectively and removes negative energies, it serves as an effective grounding stone.

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