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Best Place For Me to be in is My Bed:

Being introvert, I feel comfortable alone in bed:

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During winter, I enjoy the comfort of my bed a lot. I spend most of my time in my bed lying or sitting.

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After my day job and side hustle I entered my home in the evening after almost twelve hours.

The remaining 12 hours I spend in my bed. It gives comfort and peace to me. I feel calm and relaxed alone in my bed.

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I sleep for almost seven hours every night but I remain in my bead for 12 hours. There are chairs and daybed in my home, but I prefer to be in my bed.

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I do all my work of writing on Medium from the comfort and luxury of my bed.

I write my stories using my cell phone. I also use my mobile to read the works of other writers on Medium.

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Although, I have a good computer but I don’t use it. To use my PC I would have to leave my bed, that I don’t want.

So, in order to remain in my bed I use my cell phone for all purposes i.e reading, writing, and listening to news updates or my favorite music.

I, my bed, and my cell phones are inseparable. It’s the company I enjoyed much.

After day’s hard work, I found refuge in my bed. I don’t share my bed with anyone. I sleep alone in it.

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It’s more comfortable for me to work in bed. I’m writing this article lying in my bed, under my blanket.

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During winter season, I don’t use gas heater much. I like to get warm in my bed lying or sitting. Covering myself in blanket I take little nap after or before lunch daily.

How much time do you spend in your bed? Share your routine in the comments section below!

Thank you for reading, your feedback is warmly welcomed and anxiously awaited!


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