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Becoming A Hotwife. Caron’s Story — Part 6. Our First Visit To A Lifestyle Resort

His hot, sticky seed coated my insides, and I could feel his throbbing dick twitching as it spewed its load.

The experience at the lifestyle club and fucking with Jane and Carl taught me a lot about being a hotwife and part of the lifestyle community. The most important lesson was a wake-up call to the fact, an important reminder, that Andy and I are in this together.

At the club, I loved watching Andy fuck Jane. It was a thrill to see his familiar hard cock buried deep inside her pussy, and I enjoyed being there, experiencing it with him. Afterward, I needed to feel his hard cock sliding in and out of my pussy.

I needed to feel his fingers squeezing my tits. Reclaiming isn’t reserved just for the husband reclaiming his wife after she’d fucked another guy. But I needed and wanted to reclaim my husband, which is precisely what I did when we got home.

Following a heated, erotic fuck session, I laid in bed that night, Andy’s arms wrapped around me, and his soft snoring was music to my ears. My body was relaxed, and the memory of the club was fresh in my mind.

I knew that the lifestyle and nonmonogamy were right for us, and the experience was exactly what I needed. I felt like a better wife and was excited to explore more, and I was grateful to have Andy by my side and free him to explore as well.

It was a typical Saturday morning. My husband and I ate breakfast and read the latest world events on our iPads. Our daughter was in her room, probably on her phone, and our son was playing video games.

“What are you up to today, honey?” I asked.

“Nothing too exciting. Just a few chores around the house and maybe do some work outside,” he answered.

“Well, don’t overdo it. You’ve had a rough week and deserve a day off,” I said.

“Thanks, but there’s a lot that needs to be done, and the weather is supposed to be nice,” Andy answered.

“I was reading about a lifestyle resort near Orlando where people can stay the night. They have a club, pool parties, and a restaurant. Sound’s like fun.”

“That does sound like fun. But you know I’m not too fond of the big touristy places. They’re usually overcrowded and overpriced,” Andy answered.

“That’s true, but we should check it out some weekend. I’ll send you the link.”

“Orlando, huh? Wow. That’s a bit of a drive. But okay. I’ll check it out later,” Andy said as he headed to the backyard.

Andy reserved one of the resort condos for three nights. He got a room looking over the conversation pool and one of the poolside bars.

We arrived in the early afternoon, and the sun was still hot. We unpacked our bags and walked down to the pool area. It was busy, and people enjoyed drinks at the bar and the pool. The resort’s main building was large and had an adult store inside the lobby, and I bought a new sexy outfit.

We explored the resort grounds and were surprised at the number of people, especially the amount of skin on display. The resort was relatively small but had adequate amenities that included playrooms and a BDSM room.

We met some other couples at the poolside bar and chatted. Everyone was friendly and mostly naked, and it felt safe. We talked and had a few drinks. It didn’t take long for me to become comfortable with the environment.

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” I told Andy. We stripped naked, and with drinks in hand, we joined the partygoers in the pool. It was liberating and exciting.

“This is so much fun. I’m so glad we did this. Are you glad we did this?” I asked.

“Definitely. It’s a great place, and I’m loving the atmosphere,” Andy answered.

“It feels so good to be naked in the sun, in public. I love the freedom,” I said.

“It feels amazing. My cock is loving it.” Standing waist-deep in the pool, my husband had a raging hard-on already. The head of his cock was bobbing above the water.

“Oh, yeah. I can tell. I wonder what would happen if I jerked your cock right here,” I teased.

“Don’t start something you’re not prepared to finish,” Andy warned.

“Are you kidding me? I’m prepared. I want to finish,” I said, laughing.

I was prepared. I had already been watching couples having sex in the pool, on the pool deck, and in loungers. No one seemed to care that they were being observed while they fucked or had oral sex in public.

“He’s close to cumming, and she can sense it,” I whispered to Andy and nodded toward the young couple next to us. She was backed against the pool deck, sitting, rocking on top of his cock, while he gazed intensely at her face.

She moved fluidly, up and down. Her arms were around his neck, and his hands under her thighs as they fucked under the water, causing ripples and currents in the water as her pace increased.

His face was giving him away as he rammed his cock deeper. “They’re both close now,” Andy muttered as the rocking of their bodies created waves in the pool.

“He’s ready to explode,” I whispered to Andy.

The guy leaned forward and kissed her at the moment of his climax, releasing his load again and again and again. His load spilled out of her into the pool. I could see a trail of cum rise to the surface as the couple hugged, catching their breath.

“Come on, let’s go back to our room. I’ll fuck your brains out,” Andy whispered, smiling. Our eyes locked onto each other, filled with lustful desire after watching the couple fuck.

“No, right here. I want to fuck in front of these people and be watched,” I said.

“Really? Are you sure?” He asked.

“Yes, I’m sure. Let’s do it,” I answered.

We had two loungers near the bar and next to the sidewalk where people walked by on their way to the bar. People walking by could see us as we lay down, and I began stroking Andy’s already hard cock.

We were so turned on, and it didn’t take long for me to lie back and for Andy to climb on top of me and begin fucking me. My legs spread eagle around his waist. He was pumping and churning deep inside my pussy while I was smiling up at him and at the people who paused to watch.

“I hope everyone is enjoying the show,” Andy joked.

“I think they are,” I replied, giggling.

People passed by and stared, and many stopped and watched us have sex. It was hot, and I came multiple times, the thrill of being watched and exhibitionism fueling my orgasms.

“I’m going to cum,” Andy groaned.

“I can feel your cock throb,” I moaned.

“Fuck. Here it comes. Oh, god. Yes. Fuck yes,” Andy cried.

“Come for me, baby. Cum in me,” I said, my body shuddering under his as his cock exploded deep inside me. His hot, sticky seed coated my insides, and I could feel his throbbing dick twitching as it spewed its load.

Andy moved off me and sat on the lounger next to me. His wet cock stood like a periscope between his legs. I moved my hips and opened my legs. I watched as my husband’s cum oozed from my pussy, and a woman and her husband, several years older than us, paused to look as they walked past.

“I love seeing cum dripping out of a pussy,” she said to me.

“Nicely done,” the man said and high-fived Andy.

“Thank you,” I answered and laughed. I took the beach towel and wiped my vagina and Andy’s cock. We lay back, holding hands in the afterglow.

Soon, we were back in the pool, chatting with other couples. After about an hour, we returned to our condo and napped.

We dressed and went out to dinner. Our plans for the evening were to visit the playrooms and dance in the club.

Hopefully, we’d meet up with another couple for some fun.

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