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Be the Magnet: Cultivating the Energy I Seek

As the sun gently caresses the edges of my curtains, I wake up to another day, feeling a familiar weight settle upon my shoulders. It’s the weight of my complaints, heavy and burdensome, like an unwanted guest overstaying its welcome.

I’ve always been a heavy complainer. Always finding something to pout about, dissatisfied with the smallest inconveniences, while overlooking the blessings scattered generously throughout my life. But it wasn’t until I hit the milestone of turning 30 that it hit me like a ton of bricks — this perpetual negativity wasn’t serving me well.

So, armed with the wisdom that I am the energy I attract, I embarked on a journey of mindfulness, determined to change my perspective. And what triggered this transformation? Marriage.

At 30, I tied the knot with a man who embodied everything I was not. While I was the queen of pessimism, forever envisioning worst-case scenarios, he radiated optimism, believing that life had a way of working itself out. His superpower? Finding the perfect parking space in the busiest of lots. Yes, you read that right. While I fretted about the lack of parking, he effortlessly snagged the ideal spot, time and time again, as if by magic.

And then there were the gifts. My husband, the perpetual receiver, seemed to attract presents like a magnet. While I happily gave, I rarely received in return. Yet, the gifts kept flowing his way, a testament to his positivity and goodwill.

Witnessing his reality was a wake-up call for me. I realized that my constant complaining was like a magnet for negativity, drawing in more of the same. It was time for a change.

And change I did. I made a conscious effort to shift my focus from the worst-case scenario to the best, though it wasn’t always easy. After all, spending a decade managing retail had left me swimming in a sea of complaints — from troublesome employees to demanding customers.

But slowly, I shed the cloak of negativity, embracing a lighter, more humorous side of myself. I laughed more, complained less, and for a while, life felt like a breath of fresh air.

But then came COVID, turning everything upside down. My once-miserable office job became even more unbearable, and before I knew it, I was drowning in complaints once again.

It was a harsh reminder that old habits die hard. But amidst the sea of complaints, I found a beacon of hope — self-awareness. I saw myself spiraling back into the same cycle, attracting negativity with every complaint uttered.

And so, I stand at a crossroads, determined to break free from this cycle once more. It won’t be easy, but change never is. I want to be a beacon of positivity, a bright light that attracts good things into my life.

So here’s to trying, to embracing the journey, and to believing that change is possible. After all, sometimes, all it takes is a shift in perspective to change the course of our lives.

Thanks for reading~! I am very grateful~~!! I’m wishing everyone PEACE, LOVE & JOY~~~!!!

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