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As Above, So Below for Monday, 11 March 2024

The reading notes for today’s reading are below. You’re welcome to watch the video here.

  • Significator runes: Fehu (cattle, wealth, transaction, life force, abundance, growth, success); Fortuna Minor (lesser fortune, progressive success, outer assistance)
  • Cards: The Lovers, 9 of Cups, The Sun
  • Patterns: 2 cards from the Major Arcana suggest a strong soul or higher awareness influence; the Master 11 influence for the day itself (3/11/2024) reinforces the soul influence as well
  • Overall numerology: 1+6+9+19=35; 3+5=8 (leadership, harmony, material recognition/approval)

Fehu and Fortuna Minor are today’s significator runes for the reading. Both have to do with how we transact our experiences with others, whether that involves something financial or, at minimum, how we integrate or collaborate with others toward a particular outcome. Today’s Master 11 day suggests awakening, illumination, and enlightenment, so it seems to indicate that, at least from the perspective of today’s numerology, how we transact or interact with others today will benefit from invoking higher awareness.

The overall numerology for today’s reading is eight, or leadership, harmony, and material recognition. Given the financial nature of both Fehu and Fortuna Minor, it could be that some kind of financial reward could be coming depending upon how well you integrate with others. But let’s look at the cards to see if this reading is really about financial success or if it’s more about the integrative or collaborative process you take to get there.

Because there are two cards from the Major Arcana (The Lovers, The Sun) in the reading, we’re looking at a strong soul or higher awareness influence on the reading. Beginning with The Lovers, card 6 from the Major Arcana, we see an angel sitting atop a dark cloud with the Sun expressing its radiance of higher consciousness above two nude people below. The woman (Eve) stands next to an apple tree with a serpent coiled around it while the man (Adam) stands next to a spindly oak tree. The apple tree is full of apples indicating abundance while the oak tree is still not fully grown. A mountain rises in the distance between the couple as it leans in the direction of the woman. The Lovers depicts balance, duality, self in others, integration, choice, and unification. It also can indicate the balance between feminine (receptive) and masculine (projective) polarity, or the balance we strike with another person.

It’s interesting that the mountain in the background leans toward Eve, the serpent, and the Tree of Knowledge. I think it’s also interesting that the woman is looking toward the Angel, while the man is looking at the woman. In my opinion, it suggests that there is strength found in higher knowledge or wisdom. Relating The Lovers to Fehu and Fortuna Minor, The Lovers could be counseling you to integrate or transact your experiences with others in a balanced manner that is informed by higher awareness instead of ego vying for control, especially if this is referring to a situation that is progressive and/or collaborative.

Next, the 9 of Cups suggests that achieving integration and balance with others can bring emotional satisfaction. We see a man sitting on a wooden bench, his arms folded, however, instead of reflecting a defensive posture, his presence suggests happiness, joy, and fulfillment. Nine cups sit atop a curved wall with a blue drape almost enveloping the man in joy and happiness. The background is yellow suggesting a strong higher awareness foundation that is also present in The Lovers and The Sun cards.

Lastly, The Sun invokes the success and recognition that the reading’s overall numerology of eight suggests is possible. But as a Major Arcana card, like The Lovers, The Sun invokes higher awareness into that process. We see a child on the back of a white horse, a red flag flowing in the breeze, sunflowers rising above a stone wall, and the Sun shining down on the scene. The Sun represents the self, clarity, reunion, awakening (like today’s Master 11 numerology), happiness, and fulfillment, and it describes the outcome of a successful transaction/integration/collaboration with others.


Whether or not this reading involves financial success, it appears to describe how well you integrate with others in a collaborative experience. For example, that could involve how you transact with customers in a business, or it could indicate how well you work with others on a project. Allowing ego to control the situation, an imbalanced polarity within may lead you to manipulate or control the situation in a way that makes others uncomfortable. Letting higher awareness govern the process takes the ego out of it, creating the space for everyone involved to feel emotionally satisfied by both the process and the eventual outcome. And if this involves a work situation, it may lead to recognition by the boss.


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