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Another Flower With a Special Place in My Heart: Bougainvillea

I grew up in Florida, and happy childhood memories are associated with the Bougainvillea.

I grew up in Miami, Florida. One of the things I remember being taught in elementary school was ABOUT Florida. We had to learn not only the state’s history but we had to learn the names of flowers that grew in Florida. After all, Ponce de Leon did call it Florida because of all the flowers he saw when he arrived.

I remember my teacher taught me that the official state flower is the orange blossom and the hibiscus is sort of a secondary state flower. I had to remember. We were tested on it. LOL. But when my teacher taught me about the bougainvillea ~ test or no test ~ I have never forgotten. I love this flower! My mom always planted lot of different flowers in her garden, but she never planted bougainvilleas. No matter because my neighbor’s home was adorned with them. Every time I see this flower, it brings back wonderful childhood memories.


“The stunning bougainvillea flower carries the symbolic meaning of passion and beauty. This evergreen vine’s “blooms” — actually brightly colored bracts — grow in stunning shades of red, pink, and more. When given as a gift, it’s easy to see why the language of flowers uses bougainvillea as a symbol of passionate attraction.”

This flower has an interesting history, especially how it got its name.

“Bougainvillea is named after Admiral Louis Antoine de Bougainville, a late 18th-century explorer.”

“In the late 1700s, Admiral Louis Antoine de Bougainville was circumnavigating the globe with his official botanist, Philibert Commerson.

Unknown to the rest of the crew, Commerson’s assistant, a (female) herbalist named Jeanne Baret, was also on board. At that time, women weren’t allowed on explorations. Baret disguised herself as a man and credited her many botanical discoveries to Commerson.

Baret brought a bougainvillea plant to the ship, after finding it growing in the mountains around Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sometime after, the crew discovered Baret’s true identity and her life was in danger. In order to gain Admiral de Bougainville’s protection, Commerson agreed to name the plant after him.”

REFERENCE: Bougainvillea Flower Symbolism, Uses, and Benefits — Petal Republic

“Native to Brazil, Bougainvillea is truly one of the showiest shrubs we have during the fall and winter months here in South Florida. Its spectacular color comes from its heart-shaped papery bracts. …”

REFERENCE: Florida’s Kaleidoscope of Color: Bougainvillea | Archive | coastalbreezenews.com

Thanks for reading.

P.S. The other flower with a special place in my heart is the gardenia.

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