An Unexpected Encounter【Ⅱ】意外邂逅

Artwork By Her Bedside

Painting “Sleeping Princess at Sunset”

The doctor said she didn't have much time left. As everyone left, I quietly placed several of my favorite artworks that I had painted for her over the years by her bedside. At that moment, she slept like Snow White, and I became the little dwarf waiting for the prince to take her away.

Sketch “Encounter in Harbin”

When did I paint these artworks? I flipped through my journal. It was many, many years ago during a winter. Two years had passed since I gave her the first painting. I was already working at an interior design company in Shenzhen, and I was on a business trip to Harbin. Coincidentally, she was at the site, conducting interviews and surveys for a project I was handling.

Painting “Encounter in Harbin”02
Painting “Encounter in Harbin”03

"You're here too."

…… "This is a historic building involving issues of triangular debts and illegal occupation. It’s a power struggle between the public and the private..."

In that moment, as I listened to her relentless pursuit of the truth, my perception of beautiful women began to change. I picked up a pen and jotted down her appearance and laughter on a scrap of paper.

Painting “Encounter in Harbin”04

Later, I watched a movie that reminded me of her, and subsequently, I painted these more satisfactory artworks by her bedside.

To be continued…

Painting “Demolition in Harbin”

The following is the Chinese version:

Painting “Sleeping Princess at Sunset”Ⅱ


Painting “Interview in Harbin”


Painting “Encounter in Harbin”05


…… “这是一个历史遗留的建筑,关于三角债以及非法侵占的问题,其中涉及公私之间的角力……”

Painting “Interview in Harbin”



Painting “Encounter in Harbin”01


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