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An American Werefox in London

Hundo prompt is “Gamble”

Photo by Olivia Spink on Unsplash

This is the start of a Hundo collab with my favorite Medium Lady, Skylar Quinn. And we got permission From Agent Ranch Hand to use him in this.

Agent Ranch Hand knew that coming all the way to London was a gamble, but he was determined to find the elusive werefox.

Werefoxes were creatures that changed during a full moon and were beautiful creatures. Well, the female werefoxes were beautiful. In Japan, they’re known as Kitsune. The male werefoxes were fierce and frightening beasts.

As he strode across the countryside of South East England in the middle of the night, the only light being that of the full moon, he questioned whether or not he’d find the fox he was chasing after.

But then, just on the next hill, he saw it.

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