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All Of Them Will Be Back Very SOON.

Let’s give them the welcome back they deserve

I regret to say that this isn’t ’10 Awesome Showcases’, and the reason I’m mentioning this is because of what’s been happening on Medium in recent days. All of us are users, writers, readers, and, above all, people.

I, too, found it strange that several people I follow weren’t available. When I tried to promote their articles, I encountered the 404 error.

If I’ve mentioned you, it’s to, in some way, seek a solution, or at least try to mitigate the pressure that this situation may be causing us.

The first thing I thought of is that all our friends who have had their accounts unjustly blocked have Twitter accounts. We can show them our full support and reach out to them there while their situation is being resolved.

We all know they don’t deserve this treatment, and it’s not the way to treat users who are faithful to creating value, by an algorithm that shouldn’t have the authority to make decisions without human supervision.

And this is the case because their accounts have been directly blocked.

Today, I’ve written two articles on this topic.

In one, I give my opinion on the matter, and in the second article, I discuss the importance of not giving in to fear.

What’s Happening on Medium? Why are Well-Known Writers Disappearing?

You Shouldn’t Worry If your Medium Account Gets Canceled.

They will be back with us very soon, and it will be our greatest pleasure to work on a welcome back article.

They deserve it.

I have mentioned you because I have seen your comments on Misbah’s and Nancy’s articles, and my intention and purpose are to find and contribute to a solution among all of us.

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