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The author of the article discusses their experience with AI-generated comments on their stories, initially mistaking them for genuine human responses.


The article titled "AI Sounds Like a Book Report" by an unnamed author reveals their encounter with AI-generated comments that summarized their stories. Initially believing these comments came from a real person, the author responded with advice, suggesting that a good review should include personal emotional responses and critical engagement with the content, not just a summary. The author later learned that the comments were AI-generated, which explained the lack of genuine emotional feedback. The revelation led to a humorous realization that their advice was misplaced, as AI does not possess emotions.


  • The author initially believed the comments were from a human reader and responded with advice on how to write a more meaningful review.
  • They expressed that a mere summary of the content, as provided by the AI, is akin to a high school book report and insufficient for a true review.
  • The author values emotional responses and critical thoughts in reviews, such as whether the reader liked the content, found it helpful, or disagreed with parts of it.
  • They consider their time spent advising the commenter as generous, highlighting their own perceived kindness.
  • Upon learning the comments were AI-generated, the author humorously reflects on their misplaced advice and the absurdity of expecting emotional depth from an AI.

AI Sounds Like a Book Report

I’m in the Human Writers Club.

Photo by Luke Southern on Unsplash

Victoria Kjos and Josh Hinton have opened my eyes to AI-generated Comments on my stories.

A couple of times last month, I received comments from the same “person” on two of my stories.

These comments basically told me what my articles were about. Yes, thank you, I knew that. I wrote them!

I was still laboring under the delusion that these Replies came from a real person. I offered advice to it.

I thanked it for its Reply, but advised it that simply describing what a piece was about, was pretty much like writing a Book Report in high school — just to prove you’d read the damn thing (but it didn’t really prove anything of the sort, because you could have copied it from Cliff Notes!) It lacked the emotional response of a true review.

Did you like it? Was it helpful to you? Were there parts you disagreed with? Do you even think it was a good book or story? THAT’S what you put in a review!

Wasn’t that helpful of me? I am so generous with my time! I can’t get over what a sweet guy I am.

Of course, my observations make perfect sense when you tell me that the Reply came from an AI bot that didn’t have any emotions in the first place!

Well, paint my ass blue and call me Babe.

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