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The Super Intelligence Language

By definition, prompt engineering involves using natural language to elicit a desired response from a large language model (LLM).

According to Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA (aka the rock star of AI), programming knowledge is no longer essential. All one needs is natural language, which is prompt engineering.

What can one achieve with prompt engineering? Ideation, blog posts, coding, making plans, data analysis, learning anything, and more.

Prompt Engineering jobs pay up to $300k.


AI FrontierX has published a guidebook for prompt engineering that can help you get on track.


  • Emergence of prompt engineering.
  • Understanding prompt engineering.
  • Productivity and creativity enhancement.
  • Insights from CEO Jensen Huang.
  • Complementing human creativity with AI.
  • Fundamentals of prompt engineering.
  • Becoming a certified prompt engineer.
  • Future implications of prompt engineering.

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  • Botpress (4.5* / 146) Botpress is the ultimate AI tool for creating no-code custom chatbots. Elevate customer interactions with natural language processing, personalized responses, and seamless multilingual support. A free version is available.
  • Descript (4.5*/361) Descript is an innovative AI tool that seamlessly merges video and podcast editing, eliminating the need for professional expertise or a studio. Features for text-based editing, multi-track audio, precise transcription, AI voice generation, remote recording, collaboration tools, and screen recording. Ideal for creators, podcasters, marketers, educators, journalists, and businesses. A free version is available.
  • Adcreative AI (4.4*/ 1534) AdCreative is an AI-powered ad copy and social media content creation tool that generates creatives, graphic design, texts, and strategies that outperform competitors. Its main features include customization of brand fonts and colors, AI recommendations, and the ability to generate hundreds of professional creatives in minutes. There is a free trial period.

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  • NVIDIA. With an 80% share in the AI chip market, NVIDIA is poised for continued growth, projected at 24% through 2033. The upcoming GTC AI Conference scheduled for March 18–21 could serve as another catalyst for the company’s stock.
  • AMD. The new AMD MI300X GPU surpasses NVIDIA’s H100 GPU in memory capacity and peak memory bandwidth, offering superior performance in certain areas. However, the H100 excels in AI and deep learning tasks.
  • Amazon. With substantial investments in AI, Amazon introduces the Rufus shopping experience and continues to invest in Claude.
  • Microsoft. Holding a 49% stake in OpenAI and integrating Co-pilot into numerous services, Microsoft demonstrates its commitment to AI. Bingchat is another AI-driven feature offered by Microsoft.
  • Apple. Although Apple holds significant potential in AI, the company’s lack of AI announcements has led to a decline in its stock value. Expectations are high for the introduction of an updated GenAI Siri and iPhone.
  • S&P. While the S&P 500 is renowned for its consistent performance, AI stocks have outperformed it, a trend expected to continue in the years ahead.

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