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Dawn of a new morning welcomes the mind after a night of constant rumination. Birds sign nature’s hymns for meditation as Picolo begins the first round of investigations into the inner workings of his mind.

He should listen to the birds remind him thoughts are transient and irrelevant and it is how his ego responds which weighs importance.

But negative accusations pour into a cauldron of negative beliefs. Brewing anxiety and doubt into the identity he aligns so strongly with.

An undistracted mind has emptiness, so irrelevant whispers is the antidote to the stillness that briefly enters.

It’s only after a night of pained ordeal does insight flood in. That to be offended of such thoughts is paradoxically the opposite belief Picolo grasps onto.

The mind can stay rigid as grass and be blown by intrusive thoughts. Through a struggle of emotional distrust and wringing out pain in the heart, these winds bend the grass down, leaving a heavy head to slumber deep in ponder after a racing mind rests away.

Overthinking is the fuel that feeds itself as logs of effort are chucked to circumnavigate the campfire of thoughts, only to fuel the blaze and engorge with an inferno that cannot be smoldered unless Picolo hurls water of detachment to smolder it away.

The small constant reminders Picolo is given on the mental work he does as simple after a campfire by night.

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