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A Writer’s Update 2/22/24

Clay Banks (Unsplash)

Don’t’ keep it all bottled up. Get it out there. Speak your piece. Tell me what you think about this wild and ever-changing world. I feel it too; don’t you worry. It shapes who we are and where we will all end up. Better out than in, believe me.

I think things are actually going quite well. When was the last time I could have said so? It’s strange, to say the least. It comes and goes. I would suppose that over the course of the past many months, I’ve settled into some sort of groove. That’s positive. I’m not comfortable, but, moreover, I’m in a rhythm. It’s funny; my brother used that word not too long ago. “Rhythm”. Man, don’t we all want to be there? Forget about monotony. That would indicate your distaste for the flow that you find yourself in. No, it’s the rhythm. You want to find yourself in some sort of everlasting flow state. Those can be difficult to come by sometimes.

I often wonder if it’s all some sort of constant flow state. Things change. Circumstances arise, and you find yourself in new situations or predicaments that you otherwise would not have anticipated. Isn’t it funny, though, that those occurrences, though daunting, can actually turn out to be absolutely necessary to one’s overall trajectory in life? Go through some hardship, overcome some challenges, and grow from them. It seems obvious, but I can’t help but feel it is so necessary to remind myself of these key points a lot.

We keep barreling forward. So much is going on. It’s all a lot to pay attention to sometimes. Yet simultaneously, it keeps things interesting. It keeps some strange ball rolling. I do my best to tell myself I’ve got something to say in the midst of it all. Shoot, you’ve got to believe you have some sort of control over where you ought to end up.

Things are alright. I think there’s a lot of work to be done from both a personal and worldly standpoint, but overall, the vision continues to aim upward. I want to thank anyone and everybody thus far who’s read and interacted with all I’ve had to offer on Medium. We’re actually doing it over here. Cheers to more of it all!

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