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A Wife For Watching [#41]

Kevan decides who will be the next man Catherine will enjoy — and the two of them take a different approach to the sharing

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She had a lot of fun flirting with the guys at the awards dinner — and afterward.

You couldn’t do much during the ceremony itself, of course. But the organizers put on a free bar once the final gong was handed out, and there was even a Monopoly-money casino laid on for those who didn’t want to disappear immediately to a club.

Here was Catherine batting her eyelids with guys from her company, friends of mine from my company, and anyone else she liked the look of, particularly if they tried to hit on her.

Champagne always made her a little frisky.

Tonight, though, I had told her I would choose a man for her to fuck from among those at the event — and that was driving her even more crazy than anything. The agreement was that she would accept my choice, that it was completely up to me. Now, she trusted me not to select someone unsuitable — that is, unattractive. But she nevertheless spent much of the evening trying to lobby me — flirting outrageously in front of me, trying to sway my decision.

She just wanted some element of control.

‘Tell me you’ll choose someone tall, my darling,’ she’d whisper to me as a tall, dark stranger took his place beside her at the roulette wheel.

Then she turned to him and said, ‘So how’s your luck been this evening?’

Tall, Dark Stranger smiled and said, ‘Can’t complain. But I believe it just took a turn for the better…’

It was exhilarating, watching her toying with them all. Imagining how it might be to watch her fucking each of them — and knowing that she was imagining almost the same thing as me.

I’d been to various industry events with Catherine before, of course. But this was the night I saw for the first time that her reputation in the legal business had changed over the past months. No longer was she treated as some ruthlessly efficient and ambitious legal genius. There was affection for her from superiors, from senior partners, and the like. There was out-and-out infatuation from those who had not yet made partner.

Though, of course, she wasn’t known by everyone in the room. She wasn’t famous.

When she was flirting, I remained in the background — at least if she was with somebody who didn’t know me or that I was her husband. If things went well, though, sometimes she pointed me out, seeing how the guy would react to the sudden discovery that she was not only married, but married to somebody here at the event.

For most of them, the news that I was her husband had a dampening effect on their flirtation. Not all, though.

‘I’m sure your husband’s not possessive… maybe he’d let me take you out for a drive in my new Ferrari sometime…’

As the evening wound on — and I worried that my beautiful wife was enjoying too much Champagne, I warned her, ‘People at your firm will start to gossip about you being in an open marriage…’

She giggled at that. ‘They all think I’m joking,’ she said. ‘And even if they don’t, what business is it of theirs?’

It was interesting how she’d changed since we’d started this adventure — when she’d been so concerned that our deeds might come back to damage her professional reputation.


By about 1am, Catherine was practically fizzing with sexual need. It was getting to the point where she was almost propositioning the men that she really liked.

‘Perhaps I’ll see you later,’ she said to Daniel Sawyer, a handsome colleague of mine who had never particularly noticed me at the firm much before, but now seemed to have become fast friends.

‘I’ll be looking forward to it,’ he said before we stepped away.

Then Catherine whispered to me, ‘So how is this going to work, my darling? Are you just going to pick someone, and then we’ll entice him upstairs to our room?’

I could tell how desperate she was for sex. You could almost see tendrils of smoke wafting up from her body. It was irresistible.

‘We can go to our room now if you like,’ I said casually. ‘Get you… warmed up. Then, when you’re ready, I’ll call him.’

She flashed her eyes at that — and then grabbed hold of my hand to drag me out of there, toward the elevators and up to our suite. I wasn’t exactly dragged out of there kicking and screaming.

She had to be quiet in the elevator because we were not the only ones in there. But then we stepped out into an empty hallway, and she was peppering me with questions.

‘Who is he? Can you tell me? Have you already told him what’s going on? Has he already said he’ll do it? Is he very good-looking? Do you know him well? Is he going to be okay with you being there?’

And so on. I occasionally interjected to tell her she’d find out at the right time, but it was fun how completely wired she was.

Then we were in the room, and she was all over me, kissing me, wrapping her arms around me, pressing herself up against my hard cock through our clothes. She looked so beautiful in her dress; I was completely fired up now we had a little privacy — but I had to control myself. I had to pace myself.

‘Do you think I need to freshen up in the shower?’ she said, breathless as I peeled off her dress to reveal her breathtaking black lace lingerie.

’No, you really don’t,’ I said, groping her magnificent breasts as we kissed some more, just buzzing that somebody I had chosen was going to experience this exquisite goddess for themselves very soon.

‘When will you call him?’ She moaned as I stooped to plant kisses over her exposed cleavage, my hand dipping between her thighs to explore the luxurious lace of her panties. She was burning hot down there.

I said, ‘When I’m ready.’

It was me taking full control. In many ways, it was what she needed to keep her impatience in check. She had no objections as I steered her to the bed, lay with her, removed her bra and panties, and sucked on her stiff little nipples.

As I slipped my fingers inside her soaking wet pussy, she didn’t point out that I hardly needed to warm her up; she was already practically explosive with sexual need.

But this wasn’t just some mad rush to get each other to orgasm. I made sure we slowed down as we lay there together. I wanted to appreciate her on my own before I brought in reinforcements, I wanted to worship her in private — and my delicate, gentle approach seemed to calm her down, temper her crazy desire.

‘Aren’t you going to give me any clues?’ she said after a while, offering such a sweet smile full of affection.

‘None at all,’ I chuckled.

Then I pulled out a blindfold I’d hidden between the mattress and the headboard.

Catherine gasped as she realized my intention. But she was smiling from ear to ear as I fastened the black silk into place to completely restrict her sight.

She lay on the bed, waiting, while I removed my pants and underwear.

She was shivering as I called my friend and invited him to our room.

Then I lay beside her on the bed, wrapping my arms around her, kissing the back of her neck as we spooned together, enjoying the feeling of our naked bodies gently rubbing against each other.

‘Should I put on some clothes?’ she asked me quietly as she arched her back to try to press her behind against my hard cock.

‘No, you don’t need to,’ I said, nuzzling into her, making her moan by gently fondling her breasts.

‘He’s going to be okay seeing us like this?’

She let out a little whimper of arousal as my fingers found her stiff nipples, and my bare cock glided between her thighs without slipping inside her.

‘He’ll be fine,’ I said, kissing her cheek beneath the blindfold.

I slid one hand over the pleasing roundness of her behind, her hips, my fingers finding the wetness between her thighs. She groaned as I dipped a fingertip inside her, exploring the oily slickness of her juices, the searing heat of her sex.

I penetrated her with my middle digit — so slowly, without much movement, since she really didn’t need much stimulation to get going, she was already so on edge. I sucked on her soft neck, and she moaned quietly, circling her hips to control the movement of my finger inside her.

This was all so different from every time we’d ever involved other people before. I wasn’t holding back, I wasn’t sitting away, I wasn’t isolating myself so I could merely watch. I was there with her, holding her tight, gently kissing her as I pressed myself against her warm, soft body. I was touching her, sucking on her, penetrating her.

I even slid my hard cock inside her, filling her insanely slowly, and then just holding it there so she could feel it squeezed within her sex. So sensual, so erotic. She moaned so quietly it was almost like lonely sobbing.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that. My arms possessively around her, my manhood inside her. Slow, so slow. We hardly moved. The gentle but intimate contact between our bodies — along with the immense sense of anticipation — was all that we needed at that moment to maintain the momentum of our arousal.

And then our friend was there with us.

Lying down on the bed with us, facing us. I was a little surprised how well he was taking all this — how relaxed he seemed, and how readily he simply lay there with us, without a shred of clothing on, while my cock remained buried inside my wife.

It wasn’t because he was blasé about the whole thing. On the contrary, it was clear he was almost overwhelmed with desire for my beautiful wife, astonished by his fortune in getting to be with her like this — and not taking the opportunity I had afforded him tonight for granted.

I loved how he was looking at her. Just besotted.

‘Hey,’ he said softly, though he respected my wishes to keep silent beyond this, to limit my wife’s efforts to guess his identity.

‘Hey,’ Catherine replied in kind, smiling broadly, even though the blindfold meant she had no idea who was here, lying so close she could feel the heat of his body.

She was completely trusting of my choice. Reaching for him now, gently placing her hand on the back of his head to bring his lips to hers. Offering herself to him without hesitation.

They kissed for what seemed like an age — tenderly, affectionately, sensually, the chemistry fizzing in the air all around us.

I watched her hand slowly sweep down his bare body, taking in the scale of his tall frame, the firmness of the muscles under his smooth skin, the sweep of his thigh — and finally, the impressive size of his fully-erected cock.

She moaned quietly, appreciative of my choice, pleased with the man she could feel, but not yet see.

She lifted a leg onto his, slid her thigh along his.

Then while I still held her in my arms, I gently withdrew my cock from inside her — and then slowly, oh so slowly, my friend slid his impressive manhood inside her instead.

This wasn’t the way we usually did things. But it turned out you could watch your loved one experiencing utter bliss, even when you were intimately involved. You could be this close with her while another man slid inside her, and not miss the show because of the temptation to focus on your own physical satisfaction.

You just had to take things slow.

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