Reciprocal Prompt / Memories of Garden

A Slice of Heaven

A poem

© Dennet ~ October 2023

Is it a garden? Or just a backyard, green with pines and prickly palmettos?

Is it a garden? I planted two azaleas among the trees, and a handful of gingers.

Is it a garden? I don’t keep it up, no raking or fertilizing, I let nature rule.

Is it a garden? Or a path to the lake, a walkway for birds, squirrels, ducks, and me?

Is it a garden? Legally not mine, owned by all of us in this community.

Is it a garden? Or just the scene from my porch, where I sometimes write?

A garden, yes — but so much more:

It’s my slice of heaven.

When I visited the townhome we later purchased, I didn’t know it sat on a lake. I didn’t even know there was a lake in the community. When the previous owner led me out the patio doors, through the porch, and down the stone path, I was totally enchanted and knew I’d found our new home.

© Dennett 2023

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