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A Reading: A Wife Reaches Out to Her Husband From Beyond the Grave

Finally, a chance to say goodbye

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At the beginning of every session, I always asked clients not to give me any information during the reading, other than to answer my questions with, “Yes,” “No,” or “I don’t know,” and if I asked a question that required anything more, I wanted only the briefest answer possible.

Not only did this help me offer a clean reading, it removed any speculation that I was merely feeding back what I’d already been told, or that I was making educated guesses.

In other words, it removed the possibility that I was a fraud.

I knew nothing when the sessions started, other than who it was they hoped would come through or what they hoped to achieve from our time together.

In the interests of brevity, what is written below is a condensed version of the reading.

The man on the Zoom screen is about 60-ish. “PD” has short, grey hair, is clean-shaven, slightly heavy-set. Wearing a blue T-shirt. Hopes to connect with his wife, “ND.”

I take a few moments to tune in. “I’ve got a woman coming through, but this doesn’t feel like your wife. This feels more like mother. Is your mother in spirit?”

“Yes!” He looks surprised.

“Sometimes others take the opportunity to pop in when they see the door is open,” I smile. “She’s an interesting woman, she’s giving me the feeling of having been highly intelligent, quite sharp in that way. You couldn’t pull the wool over her eyes.”

“No, definitely not!” he laughed.

“She didn’t suffer fools either, but at the same time, she’s got a lovely softness about her. She’s kind and a good listener. Wants me to comment on her ability to keep everyone’s secrets. She’s doing that thing where people pretend to lock their lips and throw away the key.”

“That’s about right.”

“She’s telling me that she was there to meet your wife, and gives me the feeling of how close they were on this side of life. ‘More like mother and daughter than she was with her own mother,’ is what she’s saying.”


“She says you’ve been wondering about this and hoping they’re together.”


“She wanted to reassure you of this, and now I can feel another female presence coming in. Just a moment.” I connect and focus. “This female energy is quieter than your mother. More soft-spoken. She’s confident in her own right, but not as obvious about it as your mother.”

“Yes. That’s right.”

“Thank you. She’s also giving me the feeling that she passed very suddenly. It was completely unexpected. Like, I’m here and then I’m gone. A car accident?”

“Yes.” He takes a deep breath and shifts in his chair, looking uncomfortable.

“I’m so sorry for your loss. Such a terrible shock to those left behind when it happens like that.”

He nods slowly.

“She wants to talk about the children. Well, they’re grown-ups but she says, ‘Always my babies.’ Two children. Both girls?”


“She wants to thank you for the great job you’ve done since she passed. She saw how hard it was for all of you to cope with the suddenness of losing her, and she wants to acknowledge how well you kept things together and you were still there for your girls.”

“Did the best I could,” he chokes.

“She’s aware of that. I don’t know when she passed or how old they were at the time, but it doesn’t feel recent. Maybe 4 or 5 years ago, something like that?”


“Okay, thank you. The girls were still in school.”


“She’s showing me how close the three of you have become since she passed and she’s happy about that. And she’s talking about how all of you had a hard time with the shock and not having been able to say goodbye.”


“One of the girls in particular has wrestled with this, and your wife has been doing her best to get messages through to her, especially in dreams.”

“Holy cow! Yes! Emma has said a bunch of times that she had dreams about her mum!”

“They weren’t dreams. They were visits. And your wife wants her to know she’s still here and listening. Well, that message is for all of you, but your younger daughter in particular, as she’s had the hardest time with all of this.”

“Oh, man! She’s gonna be so happy to hear this!” His eyes are moist and his smile is warm and wide.

“She’s also aware that you’ve been seeing someone for a while.”

He looks like a kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“She’s happy for you and glad that you’ve found someone you care about. Except she says she’s a little too much like your wife in some ways. She figures you might have wanted to try out another kind of woman. She’s having a good laugh about this.”

“Yeah, that sounds like something she’s say!” he chuckles.

“She wants you to live your life and be happy. There’s no need to feel guilty about moving on. She wants you to let go of that, and enjoy being in love again. ‘That’s the whole point of being here,’ she says.”

“Geez, I didn’t even know I needed to hear that. But I did.” He wipes away a few tears.

“She knows you still love her and you always will. She knows you’ve honoured her memory and been a great dad and that you’ve been lonely. She’s giving you her blessing and says not to forget to invite her to the wedding. She’s laughing.”

He grins. “Sure. Okay. If there is a wedding.”

“Oh, there will be, she says. One hundred percent. And she’ll be there to watch you say a final goodbye to the life you shared with her, and officially begin a new one without her.”

“I can’t imagine that.”

“She says, ‘Yes, you can. You must. It’s time.’ She’s saying you’ve got to let her go now. Make room for your new love. It’s okay. It’s what she wants for you.”

He’s obviously choked up and can’t speak. Simply nodding, he smiles through his tears.

About a year later, PD did, indeed, marry the woman who came up in this reading. And I have no doubt that ND was there, cheering them on.

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