avatarkasey sparks


A Paradoxical Universe Swirls Within Me

a poem

there’s lots of stuff living just below the surface | author’s photo

fresh and sour whole and cracked awed and discouraged

content and envious happy and firey courageous and weary

pure and naughty extraordinary and ordinary intelligent and foolish

so many opposing tensions swirl inside me mingling mixing arguing squabbling

for within me exists a paradoxical universe of delightfully sparkling stars and densely heavy planets

of swiftly swimming salmon thoughts and lumbering whale-sized emotions

of chartreuse green ideas springing to life and decaying old notions of self with brighter ones yet to form under the depths of winter’s ice

a wavy inner world filled with azure cloudless skies and thundering powerful earth-quaking storms a rich and loamy earth packed with squirmy worms persistent pests and playful pansies

a garden of marvelous treasures and mischievous quirks to be dug up discovered explored touched held healed and loved

so much more lives inside me than the suitcase of my skin suggests

opposites colliding wrestling fighting in need of reconciling

yet somehow all belong and found a home inside this vast and paradoxical universe swirling within me

kasey sparks, © 2023

To quote Ram Dass, “We’re all just walking each other home.” If you’d like to join me on the journey, click here.

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