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A Lifelong Bestie!

A Talented and Humble Lady.

My sister, Lienie and myself about 35 years ago- author’s photo.

Who we are:

We are a group of immigrant families who fled Apartheid South Africa and arrived in the United States of America in 1978.

Despite facing numerous challenges, such as adapting to an integrated society, we pursued our dreams of a better life. With hard work and determination, we became productive citizens who contributed to society.

We enrolled our children in public schools, bought our own homes, and continued our education as adults.

Though the journey was challenging, we achieved our goals with faith and perseverance. We are truly grateful for God’s favor, particularly for the warm welcome from the American people.

The racial divide, which was once a source of fear, no longer made us apprehensive about interacting with people of different races. As time passed, we grew increasingly comfortable in our new country.

My main regret was leaving behind lifelong friends & relatives. Nonetheless, we had plans to visit.

About the lady Lienie:

Angeline, or Lienie as she is affectionately known, is an inspiration to those around her. She is my sister.

From being a teacher in South Africa to pursuing a career in nursing after moving to the United States, she has always been determined to succeed. In her free time, she taught herself various crafts and became incredibly skilled at them, creating beautiful works of art, with embroidery, crochet, knitting, and shuttle lace tatting.

Despite the challenges of being a single parent, she poured herself into her crafts, using them as a way to cope and find solace. Today, she is not only a proud homeowner and grandmother of two wonderful boys, but also a shining example of perseverance and creativity.

Below is a pictorial of her creations.

Photos posted by author.

Embroidery by Angeline —A farm theme -on a table-cloth-photo from Angeline.
Black couple dancing. A celebration theme — by Angeline Pillay.
A Scottish theme- highland dancer & bagpiper. by Angeline Pillay.
An English theme — English lady enjoying a drink by Angeline Pillay.
A farm theme — Sheep herders, by Angeline Pillay.
All themes are on a beautiful embroided table cloth -by Angeline Pillay.
A crochet cup & saucer by Angeline Pillay.
Shuttle lace tatting edge by Angeline Pillay.
Crochet baby shoes by Angeline Pillay.
The collection is a knitted cap, crochet coaster, beautiful crochet basket, teacup by Angeline Pillay.

Thank you, readers for your time & support. Time flies & we are old but always grateful for God’s grace & living the American dream.

Aging sisters, Lienie, Theresa, Freda. 2011.

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