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A Guard Tower Fades from Focus

October Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Site or Sight”

Do the guards still keep watch?

Alcatraz’s last line of defense against escapees was the guard tower. The men on duty kept their eyes peeled for unusual sights, ready to sound the alarm.

I’m not a superstitious person, but my sister is. And as the younger child, her influence on me is palpable. So, when we visited Alcatraz — a haunted site, according to her and many others — I was entranced by the eeriness of the place.

And how the prison gloom contrasted with the blooming flowers, lively birds, and an ocean view that surrounded me.

On the first week of May in 1946, a man named Bernard Coy planned an escape, causing the Battle of Alcatraz. Officers were held prisoner, and eventually, a shoot-out ensued. Two officers — William A. Miller and Harold Stites — died.

With ghostly prisoners still walking the grounds, I couldn’t help but wonder:

Are Miller and Stites still on guard to prevent an escape?

Thanks to Mary Chang Story Writer, who created the Six Word Story Photo Challenge.

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