A Good Thought Becomes An Idea — Ideas Give Us The Courage To Move Forward:

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Islam and Muslims today stand at a crossroads — They Face unprecedented challenges and threats From within and without alike. Most of those challenges and threats evolved, or have been designed, in the eras of post-colonialism, globalization, westernization, liberalism and the information age.

Unlike the past challenges and threats, which were specific, definite and unambiguous, in terms of their origins, objectives and operational strategies, the present ones are often shrouded in obscurities, complexities and perfidies of the highest order.

In other words, the challenges and threats have been transported to the realm of ideas, worldviews and values.

When you reject an idea that comes to you, that which is after it would be rejected — But when you accept it, it would be a wandering thought, then it would prey upon the will, and with the help of the thought, they would use the body. If it is difficult to use, they would both turn to the heart with hope and lust, and you would direct it to what is desired.

It is a well-known fact that reforming ideas is easier than reforming thoughts and reforming thoughts is easier than reforming will, and reforming will is easier than amending the evil of a deed, and amending it is easier than putting an end to habits.

The best medicine, therefore, is to preoccupy yourself with things that concern you, away From those which do not concern you, because thinking about things that do not concern you is the beginning of all evil things.

Whoever thinks about that which does not concern him, would miss that would concern him, and he would be preoccupied with something that contains no good, Far away From the best thing For him.

Therefore, thoughts, ideas, will and intention are the best things you should reform in yourself — because they are your characteristics and your reality, with which you can be closer to or away From your Lord, without whose nearness and Pleasure, you would never Find happiness.

And all misfortunes are because of your being away From Him and His displeasure with you. Whoever is low and despicable in his ideas and the domain of his thoughts would be the same in the rest of his concerns.

Ibn al-Qayyim has a profound statement in his book Al-Fawaid:Referring to the effect of negative and sinful thoughts — he said: “You should repulse a thought. If you do not do so, it will develop into a desire. You should therefore wage war against it.

If you do not do so, it will become a resolution and Firm intention. If you do not repulse this, it will develop into a deed. If you do not make up For it by doing the opposite [the opposite of that evil deed], it will become a habit. It will then be very difficult For you to give it up”.

Another similar quote: “You should know the initial stage of every knowledge that is within your choice is your thoughts and notions. These thoughts and notions lead you into Fantasies. These Fantasies lead towards the will and desire to carry out [those Fantasies]. These wills and desires demand the act should be committed.

Repeatedly committing these acts causes them to become a habit. So the goodness of these stages lies in the goodness of thoughts and notions, and the wickedness of these thoughts lies in the wickedness of thoughts and notions”.

May Allah be pleased with him! He offers a deep insight into something so subtle. We should all memorise these words and use it whenever we feel unable to control the tsunami of negative thoughts that overtake our minds.

The honored and high self does not accept wrongdoing, immorality, theft or treason, For it is greater and higher than them. And the despised and low self is the opposite of that, For every self inclines to that which suits and resembles it. The Following verse illustrates this Fact:

Say, ˹O Prophet,˺ “Everyone acts in their own way. But your Lord knows best whose way is rightly guided.”(17:84)

That is to say that everyone performs deeds according to that which suits and corresponds to him. He performs deeds according to the way that coincides with his character and nature. Everyone Follows his way, his Faith and habits that he got used to and was created with.

Therefore, the immoral person performs deeds according to his way of life, such as repaying grace with sins and turning away From the Benefactor.

The Believer performs deeds according to his way of life, such as being grateful to the Benefactor, showing his love and praise to Him, making himself loved by Him, being shy of Him, observing Him, glorifying Him and exalting Him.

So, the point is that — the environment and society around us play an important role in shaping our thoughts. Therefore, we should live among people whose thoughts are based on their beliefs.

May Allah(swt) give us the ability to think positively and act accordingly. (Ameen).

JazakAllah (May Allah Reward You [with] Goodness)For Reading.


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