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8 Things Women Notice in You Instantly

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Some men exude an irresistible aura. An aura so strong, that when they walk into a room, energy shifts. Head turns and whispers hush. They have the power to command any woman’s attention without any effort.

Most of the women crave these individuals. But what is it that makes them stand out from the crowd and make women go wild for them?

In reality, their existence is made up of eight powerful elements that make them irresistible to women and that you also must master if you want to become the magnet of attraction.

Body language. Your body language speaks a lot before you even utter a single word. If you have strong body language, a woman will see you from a mile away. Most men don’t take it seriously when it comes to their body language. But it is the very first thing a woman will notice about you. Keep your posture straight, stand tall with your chest out, make strong eye contact, and move purposefully. That’s how you own the room.

Society judges us by how we present ourselves. They don’t care how intelligent or smart you are. But if you slouch and lack confidence in your body language, they will disgust you. Not only them, but women will also take you for granted. Your body language is a silent conversation that, if conveyed properly, will command attention wherever you go.

Eye contact. Among other nonverbal communication, your strong eye contact matters the most. It’s like a window to the soul that instantly attracts her attention. When you make direct eye contact with her, you start to build an intimate connection with her on an emotional level. And if that contact is strong, it will dominate her subconsciously. Locking eyes with her not only makes her curious about you, but you can also pick up on her responses and the way she reacts through her eyes.

But you should not constantly look into her eyes. It will irritate her. Maintain balance and let her know what you feel about her and she will respond both verbally and nonverbally.

Smell. Keeping your hygiene well-maintained plays a vital part in your life. Even more. How you smell is an important part of your Persona that women perceive. And it is among the first few things they notice about you. You cannot meet her with an off-putting smell. A woman notices when you have an aromatic fragrance surrounding you. Some fragrances even carry an aura that creates an emotional connection the moment you meet her.

Look good. Smell nice. Talk with confidence. Everything plays an important role in drawing her closer to you.

Style sense. Modern society only judges you by your appearance. You must give them something that is attractive and draws them toward you. Your style is a visual expression of your personality and plays a significant role in how women notice and perceive you. You must have experienced this on different occasions. It is always about how well you are dressed and own the room.

Your style sense communicates your character even before uttering a word. So always choose an outfit that reflects your personality. You will not only feel confident but also radiate a magnetic aura that will make women lust after you.

Communication. Women notice when a man talks effectively and confidently. This is why high-value men dominate 99% of women in communication.

They talk in a way that makes them stand out and attracts women without any effort. You can do the same by being meaningful and attentive to what you hear and how you respond.

Ineffective communication always leads to disappointment and humiliation because if you are not able to express your thoughts clearly, what will women expect more from you?

When you speak with clarity and confidence and genuinely speak your mind. It shows your intelligence and genuine desire to connect with her. When you are purposeful in what you say, women will notice those details and will be drawn to them.

Confidence. Confidence is the main pillar in building your strong personality. No matter what shape it takes, it always commands attention.

I’ve seen men lacking the confidence to talk openly with women. Some shy away like girls and some are betas. None of them are successful with women.

Women crave confident men. They crave a man who is comfortable in his skin. They crave a man who can talk confidently without the fear that people will judge him. They crave a man who is confident in expressing himself.

Confidence is just like a magnet that draws women in. But you must believe in yourself and your abilities to perform well in every area of life. But you should not come as cocky.

Be humble but confident and let your strong presence command attention.

Emotional intelligence. Women value and love men who possess high emotional intelligence. It is a trait that women instantly notice about you and feel connected to you emotionally. Why?

When you have high emotional intelligence, you understand other people’s emotions effectively and know how to manage yours.

A man with high emotional intelligence shows a deep level of self-awareness which ultimately helps him build a stronger connection with women. When you possess emotional intelligence, you show compassion and let women know that they are being felt and understood in your presence, which ultimately makes them highly addicted to you.

Ambition and Drive. Women are naturally drawn to men who have ambition in life and drive to succeed. It can be anything from conquering your life challenges to making a lot of money women lust after men with success tags on their backs.

In reality, they don’t crave you, but the success and ambition attached to you. When women see you performing at a higher level in life, they will try to taste that success.

They will also try to be a part of your life and will do anything to come closer to you. There is a power attached to being ambitious and doing things with the drive to get ahead in life.

When women notice that about you, they will not only value you but also be drawn to your ambitious personality.

Thanks for reading. Share your opinion in the comments and highlight the points that mean to you the most.

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