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70 Million a Year to Play Baseball?

The Dodgers signing of Ohtani for a record-breaking contract sends my mind whirling off in other directions.

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Not really being much of a sports person, unless you’re talking about my Packers (Go Green Bay!), a text with my sister took a turn towards sports tonight.

She’s an avid Dodgers fan. Which, if I had to pick a baseball team as ‘mine’, it would be Dodgers too. (Sorry, my Texas Rangers!) Growing up in southern California, I remember following my Grandpa Jones around, with his little transistor radio in his pocket and Vin Scully announcing the Dodger games.

My dad was never a sports person. So, we didn’t grow up with sports in the house. My brother played Little League for a year or two. (I remember Dad going to games and sitting in the bleachers reading a book. Yeah — my dad was NOT a sports minded person LOL)

My ex-husband liked baseball. Yes, the Dodgers only. So, my boys grew up with him watching Dodger games on TV. My oldest son was in t-ball for one year but didn’t really like it. My younger son was the one that played in Little League for years. All the way up until High School. Much to his dad’s distress, he was a Yankees fan for many years. Although now his favorite team is the Dodgers.

And my sister, somehow over the past five or six years, has turned into an avid Dodger fan. And even though her Dodgers weren’t in the World Series playoffs this year, we had to monitor our phone calls, because she was not available for phone calls during game time.

Tonight, she and I were texting, and she added a snippet to her text:

BTW, Dodgers made history today by signing an amazing player for the most money that’s ever been contracted. A 10-year contract, 70 million a year. The player’s name is Ohtani. The Rangers better enjoy their win because the Dodgers mean business!!

I had to question her.

I thought she had a typo in there.

She must have meant SEVEN million a year.


She was right.

70-Million dollars a year! For ten years.

Wow! I was flabbergasted.

But then, my mind started spinning off in other directions.

I’ll bet Babe Ruth and a few others are rolling over in their graves, thinking — Darn! Why couldn’t I be playing baseball NOW?

We stopped texting. I returned to washing the dishes. But my mind kept going on this odd ball roll.

Would Babe Ruth even still care about baseball?

Now, first off, I am a firm, firm believer in the afterlife. I feel very strongly that our souls live on after this earthly body ceases to function. I have no doubts at all.

But…would Babe Ruth, or Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, Ty Cobb, or Willie Mays still be interested in baseball? After all, that was a huge portion of their lives. Would they still peek in on the game and see what was happening with it?

No, they’re probably not concerned with baseball anymore. I’m sure it’s not important to them anymore.

After all, money doesn’t exist in their realm.

Would they even have any concept of how huge a 70-million-dollar contract was?

Would they care?

I started thinking about how the soul most likely isn’t concerned about monetary issues after they pass from this earth. This reminded me of a story that Deb Palmer shared — one her pastor told about a rich man dying and going to heaven with his suitcase full of gold.

No, they’re most likely not interested in the money part of what’s happening with baseball in today’s current world.

But … yet…I like flowers and plants and pretty blooms. Does that mean that once I’m an energetic soul and not a living human, that I can’t enjoy those things anymore?

I’d like to think that I’d still be able to enjoy nature and the beauty of nature.

I love animals. Cats, dogs, llamas, turtles…. I’ve even had snakes and a chameleon. But once I die, will I not be able to like animals anymore? I believe that our connections with other people will continue on after this earthly life. So why not with animals too?

I’d like to think that some of my passions will continue on even once I’m not in this physical body anymore.

So why couldn’t these old-time baseball players still like baseball? Why couldn’t they be in the stands with their angel wings on, watching the game still?

I’m an inquiring mind. I want to know.

Although, as much as I’d like to know the answers to these wandering questions my brain posed through the evening as I stood at the sink finishing washing the dishes, I’m not in a hurry to find out.

I can wait to get the answers to my curious questions, thank you very much, at least another twenty or twenty-five years if I have my druthers.

And with that, I think I’ll try to quiet the musings racing about. Instead, I’ll celebrate Shohei Ohtani’s spectacular, record-breaking contract and be happy for him.

What could a person do with 70-million dollars a year……

No, no! Reign it in. Stop those meandering thoughts. Go to bed, Trisha!

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