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5 reasons to write every day

If writing is all that is, then it deserves your full attention. I write a lot of crap, but look, I collect it in one place, and I can generate other new ideas. It’s a snowball effect.

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Writing, like any other skill, needs practice. It’s like a muscle!

And something else:

  1. Writing helps you organize your thoughts and prioritize
  2. Statistically speaking, goals written on paper are more likely to be achieved.
  3. The act of writing is more important than what you write.
  4. With a diary, everything seems much clearer: I know exactly what I have to do, and I am more aware of my time and of the people around me.
  5. And the best thing is that I can go back in time.

I strongly urge you to do a little personal experiment: write for a month every day (a paragraph, a page, whatever suits you) and see what changes. 😉

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